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In Need of Attention?

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I've had Jerry (my cat) for a little over a year. In that time we've moved from a home with one other young female cat that he got along with quite well into a new apartment on our own. I'm having problems with Jerry and his destructive manner. He jumps up on all of the furniture and knocks everthing off. He might be playing with it or eating it (plant). He always wants to knock things off of my bedside table and bat them around. He chews cords, scratches couches and carpet. I can't shut him out of my room at night because he destroys the carpet. I've tried double sided tape and he learned how to pull it up with his mouth. He has a scratching post that he does not use and I've tried the calming spray which does not seem to work. I love Jerry so much and I just want him to sleep with me and be happy. We don't have a lack of toys around. In fact, it seems like every time I go out I end up bringing a toy home for him. Lately, I've tried to tire him before I go to bed with the feather on a stick toy for about 20 minutes until he is panting. Anyway, my sleep has been interrupted about 6 times a night with Jerry meowing and waking me (trying to get my attention) so my solution (not a good one) has been to feed him a tiny bit adding up to his morning amount. I feel like things are getting out of control as half of my furniture (lamp, bedside clock, books) are all in my closet so Jerry does not destroy them while I try and sleep. What do I do? Does anyone have any suggestions? I've thought about getting another cat to keep him company while I'm at work but I really don't want another cat right now. We live in such a small space and they can be quite expensive to have two. Can we improve upon our current situation? Thanks for any help!
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This is something you should discuss with his vet. It sounds like he probably is reacting to the household change & the loss of his feline companion, but sometimes a change in nocturnal behavior can be caused by a cardiac or thyroid issue. Hopefully that is not the case & he is just "acting out" because he's not happy with the changes in his life. There are a couple things you can try if this is the case:
1. Clicker training will help keep his mind active & may be a good method to wear him out before bed. For more information, see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cat-Clicker/
2. You could get him/make him a food puzzle box...they sell them at Dr. Foster's & Smith, but I made one from a cardboard box. Basically, you cut holes on all 4 sides & the top of a cardboard box. The holes should be large enough for him to get his paw through. Then you put some dry food or some treats inside the box & let your baby try to figure out how to get the food out. It keeps my boy cat occupied for a while He also can't STAND it when a toy mouse is inside...he has to get that out immediately!
3. When you say you've tried "the spray," I'm assuming you mean Feliway. There is a company that makes Bach Flower essences for cats; I have used their products with much success on my 4 kitties. They have a remedy called "Night Owl" that sounds appropriate for your boy...you can get more information at http://www.spiritessence.com/?action...vior&kind=cats
4. There is a "touch therapy" method called TTouch that one of the vets at my old clinic used to solve many behavior problems in cats, dogs, and bunnies. You can take a class in it or learn it from a book (though a combination of the two is recommended). More info at http://tteam-ttouch.com/ttouchhowto.shtml
Hope this helps!
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