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Whats your favorite HBO TV series?

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I love the Sapronos. Can't wait until the final episode airs. I also love watching Rome. Entourage, Six Feet Under, Oz, Curb Your Enthusiam are all good to.
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ENTOURAGE! I cannot wait for the next season to start. Jeremy Piven is HILARIOUS!
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I don't have HBO at this time, but I must admit that my favourite HBO shows are The Soprano's and Entourage. I own the DVD's of the first 4 Seasons of The Soprano's and the first season of Entourage. Great Shows!
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Only thing I heard about the upcoming season of Sapranos is the ending will shock everyone!!! So I am wondering what will happened to Tony?
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Another big Sopranos fan here! I can't wait until it is back on!
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I am curious to see if Furio will return. Since Tony seems to be back with Carmella that will be interesting to see what happens if Furio does return. Also I am wondering if the Russian Mafia guy will return to have a score to settle with Paulie?
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Very good questions!

It has been so long since it has been on, I am going to have to pull out the DVD's and refresh my memory!
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1.) Sex and the City
I can honestly say I never get sick of SATC. I especially love season six, where everything ties in together.

2.) Six Feet Under

Per #2 -- I've recently started watching this wonderful show (the first season is on Demand for this month!!) and I love the dark, ironic, sadistic humor along with the psychology of people and death in this series. It's so complex, I love it!
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I'm a huge Soprano's fan. If you would have told me a few years ago I'd love it, I would have said you were crazy! But I do love the movie Good Fellas, hehe, if you Sopranos fans haven't seen it, rent it. Anyways, I got hooked on Soprano's after my BF started watching his roommates DVDs. Neither of us get HBO though . He is actually planning on signing up for HBO just for the last season of Soprano's then cancelling
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Six Feet Under was my absolute favorite show of all. I'm SO sad that this was the last season!

I do like The Sopranos too, though. They have said that this will be the last season, but there have been rumors that they will extend it again. We'll see. I'll keep watching it as long as it's on!
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I am so into Rome.......

I havent really watched any of the other shows though
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I don't have HBO, but have been renting the episodes of Deadwood. I really like that. I wish one of the movie rental place around here would get Carnivale, I really like that one.
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I don't have HBO anymore but I'm a huge Sopranos fan (I was living when they removed Adrianna) and I'm really interested in watching Carnival... we got rid of HBO before that started. I've seen a few Six Feet Under but I am about to start renting the seasons from Netflix. My dad is nuts for Six Feet and said I HAVE TO watch them or he'll disown me (not really )
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