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I have two cats, Phoebe (8 yr old spayed female) and Percival (1yr old neutered male). Percival is very often pouncing on Phoebe and grabbing her and pulling her down. I do understand that it is play and that he is still bascically a kitten, but at times it can go too far.
He has some social issues (we found him at 5 weeks) and we plan to get a Feliway to try to work that out.
But we are afraid to fully let them work out a pecking order themselves because of their size difference. Phoebe is only 8 pounds and Percival is 16+ pounds (he goes to the vet in 2 weeks for his official visit). We lock Percy in his room (with his bowls and litter box) when we're not home, and he doesn't seem to mind it.
Anyway, I am just wondering if I am butting in too much with them. On the rare occasion they will be lying next to each other, but right now it is more of the pouncing. I know Phoebe can defend herself kind of, but he'll body slam her to the floor and she won't be able to even get up with him on top of her.