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This might be a silly question/thought but I will ask it anyway Will cats jump even if there is no logical way they can make it? I have a 6mo old kitten and we live in a two story house. She is small enough that she can fit in between the railings of the stair banister and I have caught her perched on the edge more than once. My husband said that she is just exploring and she won't jump, but she had looked like it to me. She not only does this while on the 2nd story of the house but also on the staircase. I want her to explore but I don't want to be having to rush her to the vet becasue she jumped and didn't make it. I know cats have good balance but it make me really nervous every time she even wants to go upstairs!
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I guess it depends on the kitten. Jamie did that on the stairs when he was a kitten, and managed to fall. Luckily he snagged the cork wall paper on the way down and didn't hit the floor. I took tablecloths and long shower towels and wrapped them through the rails till he got older and less foolhardy.
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Kittens are like little toddlers. they have no fear and don't understand the danger. Kitty proof the danger areas if you can.
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And also when they are small they can`t always judge distances well.
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Don't let her anywhere near the place. Cats do fall (jump, slip, whatever) all the time and don't really have 9 lives. Just keep the door(?) closed or something.
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There is no door to the stairs so I can't close her off to the upstairs. I tried putting a baby gate in the stairs so she couldn't jump up, but of course, she jumped over it in a heartbeat. Last night, my husband thought of a really good idea. Wrapping suran-wrap around all of the spindles of the railing so she can't stick her head between them and possible jump out. I'm going to try that today. I just hope now that she will give up and move on to something else. I am also worried that she will try to jump up to the actual railing of the stairs and fall off.Oh the joys of having a kitten!! I want to let her explore but I'm still a very protective mom.
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I'm skeptical about the Saran wrap - what if she chews on it, and it gets caught in her throat. Also, I doubt if it'll hold if she jumps at it. I'd try using sheets, or netting.
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