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pregnant stray

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we just adopted a stray pregnant kitty, and i was wondering if people have any tips for pregnant cat care. we've bought her high-protein food, but that's about it.

her back seems to be hurting, and she seems a bit crankier by the day (understandable, with the big load and all). i know the gestation period, but since she came in to our home while already pregnant, we don't know when she's expecting...any tips on how to gauge this?

any help would be appreciated.
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Here's a helpful link


Really, unless you know when she conceived or have an x ray done, there's no way to tell how far along she is. General gestation is 63 days. Usually about 24 hours to 3 days prior to delivery, you will be able to feel the kitties getting restless, there may be milk present and mom sometimes seems restless. If you read the link I posted, I would start getting her ready now. Then mom should stay with her kittens until they are 12 weeks old.
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that's a lot of good info, stuff i wouldn't have thought of (i guess we were being too casual about this because she's a stray so we weren't prepared).

thanks so much for the help.
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Shasamoto ~ How have you made out with your pregnant mom?
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Hi I have a pregnant stray i am caring for and have been told to feed her kitten food it has more vitamins and all the other stuff she needs. Also was told to watch for hiding behaviors and making a nest so to speak.
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Hi Nancy....
just me..
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everything went great with the mum...the advice came in really handy and was very timely - i think we made her a nest and the next night she had the kittens.

there are four of them and they totally rock! right now they're in the hellion stage - fighting, bitting, peeing, eating wires and cables, but we still love them. we're keeping the lone boy, who is beautiful and the biggest brat of them all! the dad (mr. big head, we call him)keeps on coming around and spraying outside - and freddie (the mum) goes kind of crazy, but all in all, she's a dream, a total sweetie.

we feel really lucky that she wandered in to our lives...
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so glad all went well for her! Congrats!
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That is great news. I will have to make a kitty visit~
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