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So Funny I Cried

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I really can't describe this, just go to the link and watch the movie clip. It's from the show Scare Tactics, which is like Candid Camera except they try and scare you with their pranks. I can't quite believe that the dude fell for this . . . ..
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I haven't laughed so hard in along time. The first time I played it was kinda dark so I couldn't see the rat thing. I lightened it up and LOL
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Looks kinda staged to me.
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Originally Posted by mercymanic
Looks kinda staged to me.

It is staged for everyone except the guy they are trying to scare!
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Awwwww lol, poor bloke.
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Aaaaaaaawwwww poor guy!! OMG that's soooo funny (shoulda saved it for hallowe'en!!)
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Thanks I needed the laugh! Well it was internal, but would have laughed really hard under normal circumstances
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It makes you wonder how naive some people can be really....
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The thing is that 95% of the population is not well-read and will believe ANYthing ! Although I must say, after this video I'm not so inclined to worry as much about PETA anymore if that's the sort of people they're recruiting ...
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