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Luthien has crossed the Bridge

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Goodbye, my little one, my Luthien, my precious little purr-muffin. Just 96 hours ago, you were running around making mischief and playing with your sister Eowyn, napping with your foster mom Trinity, and making me and your dad smile. And now, you’re gone.
I can’t believe you went so fast. You’ve been so brave these past 4 days, going back and forth to the vet. But the leukemia was stronger than you were, and it robbed you of just about all your defenses.
Dr Mercado told me it was getting harder and harder for you to breathe, and your fever was very high again, like it was the night before last. She explained that the chances of you getting better were very slim, and that you probably wouldn’t last the weekend at home. So we decided to spare you from further pain and suffering, and asked her to send you to the Bridge this morning. You have a beautiful morning to cross over on, my beautiful one, the sunrise was all the blues and peaches of your coat, the rising sun the gold of your eyes. You were only with us for the 5 short months of your life, but every day of that was precious to us. We will miss you. We love you.
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I am so sorry to hear about Luthiens passing. Rest in Peace Luthien.
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So sorry to hear about your baby. But she knew love during her short life and will be waiting at the bridge to be reunited with you some day. Sending you hugs and a prayer for peace during this time of sadness.
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I'm so sorry RIP...Sending you hugs
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Oh, I'm so so sorry. I just lost a little one too, and they go so fast when they get sick like that. We'll be thinking of you and Luthien.
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So sorry about your baby Sue. You made a hard decision, but the right one. Those 5 months were a blessing. RIP sweet Luthien.
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I'm so sorry you lost this little one, but you made the best decision you good. RIP sweet baby.
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What sad news, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I"m so sorry to hear that Luthien declined so fast. She knew so much love in her life in the five short months she knew you. She'll never suffer again.
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I am sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet kitty.
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Awwww Luthien, I wish you could have stayed a while longer.
RIP sweet Luthien.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Poor baby Luthien, to have to deal with such a serious illness at such a young age! I'm so glad she was with you, so she could be truly loved and nurtured during her short life. And I am so sad for you, because I know your heart is breaking!

Rest in peace, baby. Go see Smudge, and all the other angel babies over in heaven.
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Aw Sue, I'm so sorry to hear this!
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Oh, Sue, how touching your description of the morning was, what a beautiful tribute to Luthien. What a little angel she was, and I'm sure that when she left, she took a little bit of Heaven with her. At least she is pain-free & healthy now, over RB with the rest of our TCS kitties. Little Luthien, please greet Sandie for me & give us down here on Earth a little wink now & then!
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Bless her little heart That was so lovely what you wrote Sue, and this little cherub is now well over the bridge with all the other TCS cats and kittens to take care of her
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I am sad to hear about this. I know you will miss your little angel.
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I'm very sorry for your loss and that he had such a short time here with you. RIP Luthien
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I am so very sorry for your loss Sue and I am so sorry to hear of Luthiens fast decline. I can imagine how heartbreaking this is for you for such a young kitty to go through this.

never in pain again sweetheart - RIP
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you during this hard time.
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I am so sorry Sue! You told me that Luthian is romping with Emily over the bridge, but I'd like to think she is with Morrison and Hendrix, who I lost at a young age to the same disease. The 3 of them are hunting bugs and racing up and down cat trees.

Hang in there and be strong for yourself and your crew Sue!
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I am so sorry
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