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A challenging article

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Before the end of the day I have to write an article about a new children's book that's sort of cute but way out of date. It's about Sister Regina
Marie who finds a puppy on the convent grounds and goes on to describe their adventures and life as a nun. What kind of bugs me about it is that it really depicts how religious life was 50 years ago. The nuns in the book all wear habits, live together in the convent, work as teachers and are all so holy, quiet and obedient. That's so not how it is for most women religious today!
When I griped to my editor about doing the story, she said to be sure to wear my leather mini-skirt to shock the author when she came in for the interview. (I don't really have one)
When she asked me what I thought of the book, I had to think of something really tactful to say, so I told her it had a good message.
Thanks for letting me vent a little. I better get to work on this now!
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Good thing your paycheck does`nt hang in the balance according to the success of this book, huh?
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Wow, when I think back to how it used to be, I think that in someways women were indeed stronger! *holy* *quiet* *obedient* :yikes: I don't think that I could've done it , but then again, I don't think that God would've wanted me to.
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I don't think that the book is too terribly out of date. Don't let the liberal orders make you overlook the fact that some sisters do still wear full habits, live in convents, and lead prayerful Godly lives. These are the orders that are still growing, and receiving vocations! I think we all realize that the media tends to pick the sensational, ugly news rather than the good, sweet side of things. Good luck writing your review!
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I'd be willing to loan you MY red leather minskirt. You'll have to provide your own halter top, though
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