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a non typical day at my house yesterday. Up at 6:07 am made coffee and let Grizzly and Bobber out. Bobbber came back in about 30 minutes later. She has meowing kind of funny. That because SHE BROUGHT A MOUSE IN!!!!! She has never done that before. I myself made a funny noise which made her stop from going up to the bedroom and she ran with the mouse in the family room and dropped it. I picked it up with a paper towel and tossed its dead (but still warm ) body outside. It was later gone!!!
Anyhow did some painting and got ready to go to the book sale I've been eagerly waiting for. But when I got there (around 10:30) it wasn't going to start until 4:00!!! I mentioned to one of the ladies that they had no advertising about this So go back home-that round trip took about an hour!!
Swept the garage and brought most of my flower pots into garden shed as we finally had a "hard freeze" (28 degrees last night)
Went back to sale abot 3:45-lots of people in line-it was a stampede when they opened the door. I think lots if used book store people were there they really don't look at titles carefully-just pick them up and shove in boxes-thats not really fair for us readers. But picked up 2 CD's 1 movie and 25 books!!!
Most unusual book-Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing with "recipes!!
Oldest book Aesop's fables "Alta Edition"-no publishing date but the flyleaf was inscribed with a date of Nov 2, 1887. I thought that was pretty cool.
And each purchase was only $1 so I got a good haul for $28.
Then processed to favorite wine shop where I bought 4 bottles of various white wines and one 6-pack Wisconsin microbrew. The owner always carries out to vehicle. When I went around to get in truck I slammed the top of my head on the frame of the door. I now know when people say they see stars!! Anyhow much pain and but I went to mall and bought a cool fabric "jean jacket" and then attended my friends "knock off" purse party. (Only bought one) I walked around with a cold bottle of Hard Lemonade on my head and its really hurt and I have a bump. Came home , showed hubby my purchases and laid in bed after taking some advil and had ice pack on head.
Still really tender this morning-took more advil. I might contact Nurse Direct service to ask if I should be seen my a doctor-I'll wait the 24 hours 1st too seehow it is. Its supposed to be a nice day today-I really want to do lots of stuff outside-I'll wait till this afternoon though. So that my story (and I'm sticking to it!!)
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Ouch! That sounds like a nasty bump. Maybe all the bargains you got could help ease the pain a little.
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That is quite the crazy day you had!
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I hope you start to feel better!! Sending get well vibes your way!!
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Oh! OW! I saw stars, too, when you described that whack! Hope everything's OK.

(When you said the mouse was gone, I read on, half expecting it to turn up again later -- God only knows where! HA!)
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