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anyone else card crazy, or come from a "card family" ?

i am, and i did

::: favourite card games are :::
  • euchre
  • crib
  • hearts
  • crazy 8's
  • spades
  • double solitaire
  • uno
  • burn
and that's about all i can think off the top of my head

what about you?
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Katie, I euchre!
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Hands and Foot (or sometimes called Hands and Feet) is my favorite game, but I haven't played it in a long time. It's a variation of canasta.
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Love to play:

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I like:

19-back Crib

There is alot more that I like, too!
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Do you ever play on Yahoo games? They have fun card games ..... If ya (or anyone ) ever want to play, let me know! I have a Yahoo account.......

I like Solitaire ..... I'm not too good at spades or those types of games........
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Yup... my family only really played Rummy... so its still my fave game... but I also like:

Beat Jack out of Doors,
Chase the Lady
and STUD POKER!!!! Wooohooo... bring it on.... hahahah!!!
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How about Pitch????
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i used to play cards all the time growing up, but now hubby doesn't like them. I love Crib, Euchre, Gin rummy, King's Corner etc. I play on line at flipside.com.
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Euchre and Spades rock! I'm a little rusty on euchre, it's been a while since I played. I can't remember the trump suit/cards? Please tell me!
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Nevermind. I looked it up on the net and went, "Oh, yeah, now I remember"

However, the rules say it's best to play with four people. I've always played with three. If we didn't have four players to play spades we would play euchre. I have to brag a little, I'm really good at spades.
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Do you ever play on Yahoo games?

no, but i do play euchre on msn zone sometimes
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I just remembered another - Oh Heck, or also called Oh H*ll or also called Oh Sh*t, depending on the company you're in!
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oh, I grew up playing Rummy 500, Gin rummy, Solitaire. I miss sitting w/ my dad after dinner for a good game of Rummy 500 and whooping his butt!!!!!!:tounge2:
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Originally posted by airprincess
Katie, I euchre!
we'll have to get together and play, how's this weekend?
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Spoons is my fav card game, but you have to have a lot of ppl to play it. Ever heard of it??
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i'm pretty sure i played 'spoons' once or twice a long time ago, it involves real spoons right? :tounge2:

how does it work?
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My famly plays nothing but card games. You name it, we plat it.
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