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Beautiful picture, Danielle! Jasmine and Tuscany look so happy with Santa - I hope he'll be bringing whatever they've asked for!

I have eczema too! It's not as bad as when I was a child, but it still comes back - mainly in summer!! Really is it the lesser of two evils, eczema or asthma

I'm sure Jas will grow out of it though! I'm still growing out of mine and my sister has nearly outgrown her asthma!
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Oh Dan, Jasmine is just so beautiful! I love seeing all the photos and watching her grow.

It's been so long since I have had a chance to get on here but I am so glad I did. She is just a little angel!!! I want to see more!!

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Run...it's a gnome on steroids.
Originally Posted by captiva
Is that a gnome behind Santa?
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Oh Danielle!! You have a gorgeous daughter, and of course neice!! It's so much fun being able to watch her grow!!
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Originally Posted by huggles

hope you enjoy
Oh how could we not enjoy this shot?! Oh what a little princess!!! This one is definitely my favorite!!!!!!
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Awww how cute do they both look on santas knee
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She is soooo precious!! Can't wait to see the pics of her first Christmas!
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Originally Posted by Catkiki
She is soooo precious!! Can't wait to see the pics of her first Christmas!
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Can you believe Jasmine is 4 months old today? I can not believe how quickly she is growing up. Someone please tell her to slow down!!

She still is essentially an angel of a baby. As long as she has her milk and bed then she really is quite content. She still loves to sleep and often just sleeps the day away. Its been very hot here lately and thankfully this doesnt bother her either. However if we go out then she does not want to sleep - far to much for her to look at and take in. She smiles for strangers, she chats to strangers and generally is so happy with herself. Nothing really bothers her. If something is wrong, she cries to let us know, we fix it and off she goes smiling again.
I have her ezcema under 'control'. Its no worse than it was a month a go, but it is no better either. The heat does make it worse so we wont worry about it too much until after summer. I do cover her in cream 6 times a day though

I dont have many photos from this month blame the camera (seriously, I hate the camera, but we will be purchasing a new one in the next couple of months). So there is only one decent photo I can actually put up online this month.

This was taking 2 days a go when we went out with my mothers group for a picnic

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Danielle, what cream are you using for her eczema?

Awww how can she be so precious??????
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I swear Dan, she gets more beautiful and precious every time I see her! And that smile; it can certainly brighten anyone's day!
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Hi Jazzeroo!
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What a beautiful little angel! See, that smile can brighten your day, even if it does start at 5:00 am!
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Jasmine is 4 months old already? Where did the time go?
She is just as darling as ever, with the worlds sweetest smile. :
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Awwwwwwwwwww, sweetie!
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I was so excited to see new pictures of Jasmine, but no picture loaded for me!

I know what a beautiful smile she has though and it made me smile too, imagining the picture and looking at the others!
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Awwww i hope your able to see it soon Sarah, she's gorgeous!
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Wow she looks like you Danielle!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aaaww there is that darling little girl! She is beautiful!
Look at that gorgeous smile and those cute little toes...aaaww

I agree....she looks like you Dan, especially her lips and smile
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Shes gorgeous!
Better watch out all the boys while she grows up
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She gets more precious every day!
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
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She's beautiful! She looks so happy and sweet! I wish you lived here, my daughter would LOVE to babysit. OK. I would LOVE to babysit!
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She is so cute!! what an adorable little hat!
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I don't know. I think Tipsy is still cuter...
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I love be able to see your precious baby girl grow! She just gets cuter and cuter with every picture!
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She is so precious!!
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Oh Dan, what a sweet little girl she is. And what kissable little tootsies!
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Danielle, she is such a beauty! How do you not just stare at her all day?
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