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The 'Jasmine Louise' Thread 01

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Quite a lot of people have been asking to see more photos of Jasmine lately so it has been decided (actually requested by a few people) that I should start a new thread for Jaz so that you can all watch her grow over time

I have reposted the original photos from the first thread so that I can keep them all together.

I hope everyone enjoys this thread and watching her grow

12th September, 2005
@ 12.27pm - 8pounds 1ounce

Dad & Jasmine - 30 minutes old

Mum & Jasmine - 3 hours old

Jasmine - 3 hours old

Her first bath - 24 hours old

Jasmine Louise O'Brien

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Her new hat


Mummy & Jazzy


So tired…

Sleeping in the pram – awww they look so peaceful sleeping!

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and the most recent...

Jaz & Tuscany (my BF’s daughter)

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Oh my, she is just so precious!

What a beautiful daughter you have, you must be just so proud!!

Congratulations again, she is simply beautiful!!
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Dan, she is exquisite . Such a beautiful girl (I love that one of her and Tuscany). More! More!
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Little Jasmine is absolutely precious - a beautiful baby girl. Looking forward to watching her grow. Thanks for sharing!
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Great idea to start her own thread !
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Wow she really has gotten big. How is she sleeping for you? Are you getting much sleep?? Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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I love seeing pictures of you with baby Jaz. She is such a doll.
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oh Dan she is just beautifull
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Dan, I will never tell you enough...Love, Love, Love! I'm so in love with Jasmine!
I adore you, precious!
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aaaawwwww, She is stunning! I can't believe how quickly they grow!
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Thank you for sharing those pictures!, she is beautiful
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Dan, I'm soooo glad you posted this. I've been searching for the original thread (without the search function grrrr) and couldn't find it. Not only does Jas look adorable, you look lovely too!
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Oh, thank you, Dan! A Jazzy thread! She's completely adorable, and on top of that she's a beautiful child! It will be such fun watching her grow.
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Jasmine is adorable!
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She's so CUTE! And she's changed so much - boy do they go fast, let me tell you!
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Jasmine and Tuscany look like they are going to be friends forever!
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Thankyou so much for your sweet words MacKenzie, Amy, Eileen, Chris, Gail, Lei, Carrie, Stephanie, Julianne, Tracy, Tania, Fran, Dazeemazeegraze & Kim
I sure do hope you all enjoy watching her grow

Originally Posted by GailC
Wow she really has gotten big. How is she sleeping for you? Are you getting much sleep?? Thanks for sharing the pictures.
She sure has gotton big! I cant believe how quickly the time fly's and how quickly they grow!

She is sleeping very well for us. We wake her in 4 hour blocks during the day and at night we let her wake - she is usually doing one good sleep of 11pm - 4 or 5am so we certainly can not complain and I am getting some good sleep - I wouldnt necessarily say enough sleep, but I sure am coping
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Jasmine and Tuscany look like they are going to be friends forever!
we sure do hope so Karen!

if I had a boy the marriage was already planned between the 2 of them
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Oh Dan, thank you so much for starting a Jaz thread!! I just love her to bits!! She's absolutely precious!
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Yes!! Jazzy has her own thread! YIPPEE!!!

Dan, your gorgeous little girl is getting more gorgeous everyday!!!
I can't believe how much she has grown and how beautiful she is!

Can't wait to see more pics!!!
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Dan, Jazzy is just so beautiful!! Gosh, you guys are going to have your hands full when she's of a dating age.

She is growing SO BIG! I think she's growing faster than a kitten does. And she really is getting cuter every day.
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Oh, I wish I could think of something original to say...but all I can think of is SHE'S SO CUTE! If we were neighbors, I would have to visit A LOT to hug and kiss her little perfect face!

Yes, do keep the pics coming. She is so precious, and I'm sure she has that sweet baby smell when you kiss her fuzzy head! Good thing I'm spayed, or I might be tempted to have one more litter myself!
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What a beautiful healthy looking baby! She looks like she enjoys her baths, does she? She sure is growing!
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Awww, Danielle! You know how much I just love Jasmine! She's certainly growing quickly! I love the picture of Jasmine and Tuscany - so cute!
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What a brilliant idea this thread is because we can watch Jasmine grow up from all over the world!

And what a difference a few weeks make because you can see a change in her already! She's gorgeous!
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Jasmine turned 2 months old today so I thought this a good time to update her thread with some new photos. She really has grown so much already.

We joke that she certainly read the text book on how to be a perfect baby before she arrived so we are very lucky. Hopefully this isnt the lull before the storm

some pictures.... I hope you all enjoy them


daddies little girl

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big girl

waking up

tummy time

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Awwww, Danielle, these photos are adorable!

Jas is growing so quickly and she's getting that cheeky smile perfected - the get out of anything smile!

Oh, I love her!
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