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Introduction of Climber and some information

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Hi, I will tell you a little about us. My husband and I and our two children went to visit the grandparents one afternoon. (They own a little country store). On the way out, we heard a "meow" "meow". Grandma came out and told us that someone had dropped this kitten off and now it was hiding behind the icebox and wouldn't come out.

My husband coaxed it out with a piece of bread. Oh she was so tiny.

After some research, we have gathered that when ever she was taken away from her mother, she couldn't have been at the 6wk mark yet. She was only 3 to 5 wks old when we found her.

We have welcomed her into our family. My husband made her a hideout/scratching post out of some old crates and some pieces of carpet.

We have taken her to get her immunizations and boosters.

There is one odd thing about her that I have never noticed any other cat to do and I was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that she was taken away from her mother at such an early age and didn't go through the weening stage?

She will crawl up in our laps and she suckles our clothes. Doing her paws back and forth just as if she were nursing on her mother. Kwim?

Is this common and will she ever grow out of it?

Thank You for letting me post this long.

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Sounds like a normal little kitty who has been weaned far to early to me! She may...or may not outgrow this habit.
Thanks you for taking care of this wee one!
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Welcome to TCS! Yes, bless you & your family for taking in this little angel. You "done right" in picking out such a sweet hubby who'd go thru all that trouble to build the kitty-house for her Not many men would do that, so you must be really special to him, for him to do that for your new kitten!
Your little-one, just like so many toddlers, still has the need to suckle; if you can, you could see if she'd take a bottle, just to get the urge taken care of, otherwise, she might continue the suckling behavior into adulthood. Shame on whoever caused her to be taken from her mom at such an early age ; however, they may have been trying to save her from a worse fate - sometimes a mean dad or husband threatens to destroy the kittens if they aren't gotten rid of immediately, and the wife & kids haven't much choice, except to try to find emergency homes. My heart bleeds for the little mama-cat who must be so anxious for her missing baby(ies).
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