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Behavior Problem With Two Cats: Need Advice

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:pawHello,How`s Everyone doing? Im not sure what to think & KoKo & Savana don`t either.Marte & I & KoKo & New addition Savana are all a bit confused.We`ve had Savana for about 2 weeks now.They did `nt want to be apart so after about a week~We let them meet brifly.A little hissing & growling but not as much as we expected!About 4 days ago we started letting Savana out of "Her Room" into the rest of our apartment.They touched noses a little.Savana fell in Love with KoKo,She wanted to be friends & play right away.But KoKo started hissing & growling & smacking at at Savana with his paws,well she took that for about 2 days & then popped KoKo right in the nose.KoKo jumped back & was very surprised.They started eating each others food & lightly tapping paws at each other & chasing each other with no problem.Then KoKo started trying to jump on Savana & Biting her.Now she bites back.KoKo gets over stimulated when he gets petted to much & bites us.Do you think Savanas causing KoKo to become over stimulated? Should we seperate them again? Or let them work it at by themselves.We always put Savana in "her room" when we have to go out.Today when they started fighting & Biting,I put Savana back in her room for a while.KoKo hung out outside her door & Savana kept banging against the door. After I let her out they were fine for a couple hours then back to Biting & fighting.We Desperatly want to do whats best for our Beautiful & Very Stubborn Cats.Any Suggestions. did we already ruin their chances of being playmates?THANK YOU> YOUR ALL VERY CARING PEOPLE. cinnamon(cindi)(meowmommy),Marte,playmate,KoKo & savana.
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You'll get better help if you make this subject it's own thread, so I split it for you to do just that. Good luck.
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Think I would not be concerned...sounds like they have already become friends...they just need to work out between them who is "head honcho"....they`ll figure that out better without your help....just let them go and don`t interfere unless blood is being drawn. (If you are worried about it, then I would seperate them if you are not going to be around to supervise.)
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Joey & JC recently went through that phase, too, and they were raised together! However, their adopted "mom" was Icy, who went missing and I think that Joey was taking his grief & anger out on JC. I wound up suddenly adopting 2 3mo. old kittens, and JC took to hanging out with them, and Joey is much better now, in fact, he tries to "make up" to JC - I think he feels left out, but it's his own behavior that brought it on.
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I agree that it sounds perfectly normal and will probably work out fine, assuming both kitties are neutered/spayed. Just trim their claws to keep the damage to a minimum.

If it gets really out of hand, to the point where you're certain they aren't just playing or working out heirarchies, try gently separating them and speaking very quietly to them until they unbristle. My kitties will often drop the argument and settle in for a nice mutual bath once I've done this. :-)
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