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Prayers and good thoughts for Mitty

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Mitty is our (almost) 15 year old female in a household that also includes our new kitten Junebug, now 5½ months old. Mitty's littermate sister Madge passed a little over a year ago of multiple health problems, and that was real difficult on both me and the Mrs. and also on Mitty.

Mitty's food intake has steadily dwindled this past week to less than a spoonful per day, with mostly liquid intake. She has lost perhaps a couple of pounds in this time too. We mostly have to take her to her food bowl, or bring kitty treats to her, which she happily eats (I think she eats these more to please us than for her). She is becoming lethargic and disinterested in most affairs around her. Her tail is mostly limp, and that is never a good sign.

The new kitten now has full run of the house, and this has included playing with Mitty a bit too much over the past couple months - rough sort of play, althouh it is clear they both either like or tolerate each other's company. They kiss a couple times a day, and even sleep near each other - always a good sign. We are reluctant to separate them (for Mitty's sake), and that would be nearly impossible anyway at this point.

So we should be taking her in for a look-see on Friday afternoon. My intuition is unfortunately usually correct on these matters, and I have been crying (should 50-yr old men cry?) much of the day. Just might be her time. Sure hope it isn't. Up to now, she has been real healthy but I know that 15 is about all we should expect.

Jeez, I hate these situations.
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I hope Your intuition is incorrect this time.Sending prayers and healing vibes to your kitty. I pray everything turns out ok. Let us know how it turns out..
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Not that I`m happy that you are sad, and i hope things turn out differently for Mitty than you are expecting, but it greatly touches my heart to know that yours is touched enough to cry for your sweet kitty. I LOVE a man who can cry! Bless your heart!
Prayers, Linda
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It is so difficult to let our beloved kitties go, even when we know it's time.
Sweet Mitty will be in my prayers.
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Thinking of you and Mitty.
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ur Mitty has been very loved 15 years? (unless u got her when she was older) thats all she needs vibes for Mitty
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May Mitty stay with you in better health... or if she goes, may she go easily. Bless your family for loving her so.
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...well, not much to report just yet.

The vet appt, was rescheduled for Sat. am since they were short on doctors and loaded on sick pets today. Good thing, since Mitty would have seen a "relief vet" instead of the owner vet. And we're trying a new hospital, a little higher on the recommended scale from the last web poll our town website conducted. I went there a few months ago (sans pets) and they were proud to give me a tour of the place.

Now, as it usually happens, and as I was on the phone making the appointment this morning, Mitty rose up, and walked up to her food dish and gave the Mrs. that "I'm real hungry - feed me now" look. She then ate more than she did in two days, and has asked to be fed several times already today. Now, this may be the storm before the calm (long time cat owners will know what I'm talking about), but a good sign is a good sign. What followed was the "thanks for eating" brushing, and hugs and scratches.

Even if she is making it back from whatever ailed her, she is nevertheless going to be looked at for bloodwork and any teeth problems, plus whatever else they should check for a cat of this age, and probably some shots. At the moment we are hopeful. But yet, with the problems she has had, I almost don't want to hear what the vet will say.

Another update tomorrow. She still needs vibes though.
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Sending positive vibes to Mitty and all of your household. I swear cats are psychic, particularly those that live with you a long time. When my Bogart was battling CRF, he would also perk up about the time I would make a vet appointment for him. They know when you are thinking about them!

Good luck tomorrow - please let us know what is up.
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I really hope she is fine, and she was just reacting to the new kitten. At 15, she could still have another 5 years in her, but I think getting bloodwork etc done is a good idea.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Mitty. Let us know how her appointment goes. It's so difficult when you have an elderly pet, and you know parting is inevitable. Let's just hope that it's not Mitty's time yet.
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Best wishes and lots of luck for Mitty!
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She's gonna be around for a while longer! Hooray! The blood tests aren't in yet. Since the emergency went away when she began to eat again yesterday, they aren't expediting the results and it will be monday for the reading. The ERD (Early Renal Disease) showed almost normal, and the Dr. felt her kidneys, or tried to, and they didn't seem abnormally large or different. So that's good. $190, but good.

Her teeth were all there and solid (a miracle at 15), so they decided not to do any work or cleaning just yet. She also advised that it wasn't necessary for shots of any kind, as Mitty is primarily a house cat and the new kitten is fully up to date on her shots. These two decisions to not consider saved us about $250 right there. Nice to hear a vet say "no, that's really unnecessary for a cat of this age and good condition" for once.

So we'll know more on monday if there's any more to this story.

The real news is that this is our first visit to the new hospital. The owner is a cat person, and mostly cat-centric in her practice. While they are a full service place, cats are more the focus there. They have a 32-lb (!) cat, Rocky, that lives there and is the main blood donor. There are also several more cats (and one dog) that live about the place that have various disabilities, but great dispositions. And all in large baskets on the top of the front counter, their preferred locations. All good signs!

They are pricey, but the care - and most importantly attention - they give their patients and owners is so vastly different from the animal factory we were used to that the change seemed amazing.

So we are hopeful that the non-eating ailment episode earlier this week was just one of those mysteries that only cats know and keep to themselves. 48 more hours we will be able to curb our anxiety.
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I am so glad that Mitty is still with you. That is wonderful news.
Every day that we spend with our beloved kitties is a priceless gift.
The new vet hosp. sounds great.
Please update when you get the lab results.
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Isn't it wonderful when you find a vet you trust? So glad Mitty is going to be OK.
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Got the lab report back today. Her blood levels are all normal except the white cell count is somewhat low, as if she was or is fighting off an infection. Other than that, she said that Mitty has the health of a 8-10 year old cat. I guess that's good, right?

The vet also asked if Mitty could come back in a couple weeks to get another reading. They'd charge us $45 total instead of the $40 visit charge and $120 for blood work. We are debating that. Would this be money well spent if Mitty seems normal and continues to eat well?
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I would do the labwork the vet suggests. Generally, the cats are only checked once a year. They follow-up lab will ensure that her wbc (white blood cell) values are back to normal, and not the beginning of something serious. It is almost like a person going to the dentist every 6 months. Better safe than sorry!

I'm glad Mitty is fine! I've been reading this thread!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I would do the labwork the vet suggests. Generally, the cats are only checked once a year. They follow-up lab will ensure that her wbc (white blood cell) values are back to normal, and not the beginning of something serious. It is almost like a person going to the dentist every 6 months. Better safe than sorry!

I'm glad Mitty is fine! I've been reading this thread!
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I`m so glad that Mitty is doing so well for her age. I hope you have her for many more sweet years! Pets to you Mitty!
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This is great news.
If it were me...I would follow my vets advice & have the 2nd labs done.
Let us know how Mitty is feeling & what you decide to to.
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That's good news! I'd also say get the second set of blood tests done, just to make sure her wbc count is back to normal.
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That is wonderful news about Mitty!!, I will continue to send good health vibes her way!
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