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Isabel the "catriever"

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I just discovered this week that my newest cat, Isabel, has fabulous retrieving abilities. I toss something and she brings it back within 5 seconds (so long as she can find it) and drops it in front of me and meows for me to do it again. She can literally do this for HOURS. Anyone else with a catriever?
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Yep my little girl Patches is the exact same way.
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no... and i'm jealous.

my cats are definitley "cats" now, the change from kitten to cat was subtle for me,
but now i see it more & more as they choose to lounge lazily instead of play with me,
the idea of getting them to play is enough, i cant imagine getting them to bring back the toy !!!

what a delight Isabel (i love that name) must be
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Yes, my Mozzie does exactly that, and can 'catrieve' ( what a fabulous expression !!! ) on command too. He seems so intelligent at times, but others...well...a little insane at the very least !!!

What breed is Isabel ??? I've heard that Bengals and Oriental types have more tendencies to do the fetch and retrieve thing, than other breeds. Not too sure about that one though.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Hee hee... Just wanted to say that Cornish Rexes are meant to be renowned for playing "Fetch"... in my personal experience.... this is a LIE!!!! hahaha Monty is the laziest cat I have EVER known!!! He wouldn't even breath if he didn't have to!!! hahaaha!!! So much for "active Rexes" Phoowy!!! hahaha! I swear he's in a coma or just sleep walking most of the time!!
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As far as I know Isabel is just a mixed breed cat. She is very small, her legs look short to me but are probably normal length. She has markings on the top like an Abyssinian except darker, her legs and tail is striped and her belly is beige but looks like someone took a grey marker and tried to draw a rib cage on her.
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Patches is a DSH tortoise shell
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Merlin used to love to play fetch when he was little! Just wad up a peice of paper and toss it, and he was in heaven!
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My cat Faile catrieves for herself. She takes her toys and tosses them in the air, then catches them and carries them up or down the steps. I never know what I will find where.
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If I throw a ball or mouse for her, she just kind of looks at it. But when she's playing by herself, she tosses the darn thing all over the place.
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My Trent catrieves, too! I thought he was weird when he first started doing it, but I guess not. He is a mixed breed with long black fur, and always wants to play with someone. The only problem is that he usually wants to play fetch around 4:00 a.m.
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I only wish my 2 would retrieve!! Maybe then I could convince my husband that they are smarter than he thinks! He is constantly telling me how stupid cats are.....he likes ours, but he is definitly more of a dog person!!!! I want mine to play fetch with us!!!!!!!:tounge2:
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I wish my two kitties would play catretrieve with me! Maybe I can somehow teach them since they are still young and rambunctious...though they do play fetch between the two of them sometimes.
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