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introduction between two cats - unusually pleasant

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okay, so a new cat was brought into the house today. his name's tike. male, adult, neutered.

tike came into my room and layed under my bed, and eventually calmed down and came out from under it a few times [only for a few seconds though].

my other cat, squirt [who's also male, adult, & neutered], has been outside all day. when he first came in, he automatically came into my room. his favorite blanket was ride by the bed under which tike was laying. squirt came over and started kneading on it, not noticing tike. tike had noticed squirt, though, but kept quiet.

after a few minutes of kneading on the blanket, squirt finally noticed tike. tike then began to growl a bit, and squirt got really scared. he got under the bed with tike though [at opposite ends], and just layed down, paws under his chest.

tike continued to growl, and hissed a few times. he then turned his head and began to groom himself, yawning a couple of times [i read somewhere that these were all signs of letting the other cat know that he'd let him go without fighting]. tike started drifting off to sleep, but squirt kept laying under the bed, his eyes on tike.

squirt edged his way out from under the bed a little, but tike snapped awake and began growling again. squirt got from under the bed and got closer to where tike is [i have a bedside table by my bed, which is right by where tike is laying underneath the bed, if that makes sense]. so, squirt went underneath the table. tike hissed a few times, but eventually quit.

they're both quiet now, and i can only see squirt. he's curled up under the table, ASLEEP. i'm pretty sure that tike might be asleep too, or close to it.

[hopefully all that made sense. if you need further info, just ask.]

now. my question is, what the heck does all this mean? newly introduced cats sleeping just a foot away from eachother? is this normal behavior, or..?

thanks so much for reading this, and i'd be so grateful if you'd help me out/give me some advice.

well, squirt just woke up and came out from under the table. tike noticed, because i heard him growl a little. squirt came over to me wanting to be petted, then he went back over by the bed more. he's about 4 feet away from tike now, though. he's dozing off again too.
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You're lucky, most of the time quick introductions can go pretty bad. No need to separate these two they will work it out.
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Sounds like you happen to have 2 very easy going kitties!
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well, they spent most of the night in the same room. tike stayed under the bed and squirt kept inching closer. then at about 3 this morning, i woke up to screeching. i have never in my life heard screeching this loud before...my god. it freaked me out!
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