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please help this kitty!

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Hi! I'm looking for someone in California that is looking to adopt a cat. My roomate suddenly moved out two weeks ago and left her kitty behind. I love this cat, but I travel frequently and can not give her the care she deserves. She is about one year old and I know she has had her first round of shots. She is black and white, long hair- but hardly sheds at all. She is vocal when she is hungry or can't gain access to her litter box. She is extremely litter trained- has never had an accident. As for health problems- she has none that I know of, but she is slightly overweight- probably due to living in an apartment for the past 6 months. She is a definate lap cat, and liked to go for rides in my roomate's car. (without a carrier- I was amazed!) Please please help me give this cat a good home- I would like to meet with you, even though this is not my cat I have developed a bond with her over the past few months and I want to make sure she will be happy. I can't bear the thought of having to take her to the shelter. thank you all so much!

oh, and if you would like pictures or more information, please email me at forkina1@hotmail.com. I drive from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area frequently, so if you are anywhere inbetween, I can bring her with me.
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I'm not able to help out with offering a home for the cat, but maybe you could contact a local therapy-pet association in your area (the ones who visit senior centers & centers for the dev. disabled, etc.). Someone might know a person who could enjoy having such a companion!
I say this because my 25 year old daughter is brain damaged, and very isolated socially, but her cat, Christy, benefits greatly from it. In fact, JC is technically my daughter's but when he got to be about 8 mos., he tried (and continues to try) to ursurp Christy! and has to stay with me. I know that when these people are on SSI they simply can't afford the adoption fees, although our local vets give them incredible deals so that their pets get quality vet care - I'm hoping & praying that your cat will soon become the answer to some lonely, isolated girl's prayers!! Please keep us posted! Susan
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