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I think my baby is sick...

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My normally playful, vocal, and energetic kitten (5 months old) has suddenly become despondent, sluggish, and seemingly weak. He has wanted to do nothing all day besides hide in his little cat hut, and he seems to be okay laying next to my boyfriend and I if we are still. Also, he's suddenly started putting his ears back very far today (almost flat on his head) this a sign of pain? Our routine has been kind of mixed up the past few days, with sleep not at normal times..could he just be out of sorts? The only other thing I can think of that we've done differently recently is we've given him a bit of cheese. It didn't seem to bother him about a week ago, but I wondered if that perhaps had something to do with it.

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I would take him to the vet as soon as you can get him in What else are his symptoms?
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Yeah, definitely get him to the vet ASAP.

Sometimes lack of energy and lack of apetite are the only signs that the cat is running a fever. It can be anything from a mild virus to something more serios.

The best thing is to get him to the vet.

LEt us know how he's doing!
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There aren't too many other symptoms...when we got home from work (just now) he didn't come out of his hut to greet us like normal, and now he's curled up and sleeping again.

We're going to keep close watch on him the next day, and if he isn't moving by tomorrow, I will definitely seek a professional opinion.

In the meantime, is there anything I can buy over the counter at a pet store, like a vitamin or immune system booster?

--Worried parents
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If he's getting the right nutition, there's no need for any supplements.

Maybe something homeopathic? I'm not an expert on those really.
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My boyfriend and I just got up from a nap...when we opened the door to his safe room, he was standing there looking at us like usual, but when my boyfriend advanced, he cowered, and when I sat down on the floor, he ran and hid behind his hut.

This is HIGHLY unusual. Usually when we let him out, he walks right up to us and puts his feet on our legs to be picked up. This cat is a cuddlebug, he is all over both of us whenever he can be.

It was kind of depressing. I'm not sure what to think.
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It sounds like your kitty may be sick. Perhaps you could get him into the vet tomorrow? I know that weekend vet trips are expensive, but tomorrow is Monday. If you can get him in tomorrow, that might be the best thing.

In the meanwhile, keep positive thoughts and stay calm. The cat will pick up on your moods, so make your moods positive! I'll pray for you.
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Thank you for all of the replies...I really appreciate it...and for all the thoughts/prayers.

We took Quinn into the vet today..the vet is 90% sure that it is FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)...which is, in almost all cases, fatal.

We are not sure how long he has to live...or how long he has until it is simply too painful for him...I've been trying to digest why these things happen, especially to a five month old kitten.

Again, thanks for your support...Quinn, Roger and I really appreciate it.

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If it is FIP or they think it is, you really should e mail Rene and talk to her. She just lost a cat to FIP and has made herself very knowledgable on the subject. Please, look her up in the members section and e mail her.
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I did just that.
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This is for everyone whose vet tells them their cat has FIP. First and foremost, the FIP test is a titer - which means it is INCONCLUSIVE at best. Also, if the titer is positive, it means the cat has been exposed to a Corona virus - there are about 40 and only one mutates to the dreaded FIP virus - the most common Corona virus is the simple Diarhea, perhaps dehydration that occurs is many kittens.

My Milo and his brother Dakota were very sick as six month old kittens and the vet titered them for FIP - it came back positive. The vet suggested we put them down - while I did not know a lot about FIP, I did know the test was very iffy and my husband and I said, absolutely not and to treat them symptomatically. They received fluids, antibiotics, steroid shots and today they are very healthy five year old cats. Milo is a top show cat in the Household Pet Category.

Also, FIP takes a very long time - it does not happen in a few days or a week. Daeva took almost six months to die and Chloe about two months - it was heartbreaking. I lost both these cats in the last year - both were failure to thrive kittens - both had very weal immune systems. FIP is a very, very difficult disease to detect, and to actually get - too many things look like it.

Does your kitten have a swollen abdomen? This is important as to the wet form of FIP - or is it very thin, falling to the side when it walks? Also, FIP seldom strikes young kittens - your kitten is kind of young to have FIP. While it is not impossible that your kitten has FIP, you have a lot of room to hope it does not.

Please go to the "Ask" site and type in - What is FIP - read all the information that comes up and try to make a list of what you learn. I was so scared that all my cats were going to die when Chloe died until I read all the info and found out that it is mostly genetic, that seldom does more than one or two cats from a family succumb to FIP and that it is much harder to contract than people think.

Most catteries and shelters have cats who have been exposed to FIP - it does not mean they will get it.

I know that this is long, but I hope I give hope to those who are afraid their cat may suffer from this heartbreaking disease. Frogsy I will send light to you kitten. Please, Please do not let them put your kitten down - get a second opinion (remember titers are not reliable) AND watch for all the symptoms that will be explained to you on the site before you do anything irreversable.

My thoughts are with you.
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I'm so glad you shared your experiece with us Rene. I hope this helps to save a few cats from being put down needlessly.
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Today we took Quinn to Michigan State University veterinary teaching hospital, where they spent two hours with us doing various tests, talking, and exploring the different possibilities. It was a much more comforting experience than the previous vet.

While the vet still thinks that there is a distinct possibility of FIP, she knew more about it, and could tell us a bit more about our options if they are pretty certain he does have it. We need to wait for the titre results (although I know they are very inconclusive) because they can be a small piece of the puzzle.

What they did was an abdominal tap (they could not draw any fluid out..thank God)...they took more blood so they can test him for toxoplasmosis, and gave us some stuff to put him on at home. They took him off of the Clavamox that the other vet put him on, and put him on Clindamycin, which is the antibiotic of choice for toxo, and Interferon, a kind of immune system booster. They also gave us some food that will hopefully stimulate his appetite more (although he went right over to his kitten chow when we got home and gobbled a bit down). The other thing they gave us was an IV bag with solution and some needles, in case he is dehydrated- we are supposed to give that every 48 hours, but if he doesn't seem dehydrated, I don't think we have to. We left the vet feeling more positive, knowing our options, and that we didn't have to give up just yet.

I know we're not completely out of the woods, but if we do lose our baby, *knocks on wood*, at least we know we tried everything we possibly could.

Thanks again, everybody, for the support. Thanks also to Rene...I was feeling very helpless and like there was absolutely nothing I could do except wait until I got your reply.
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Dear Jessica,
Oh Goodness, I'm so sorry to have not have read this sooner, I too had a kitten that came down with this. I took him wherever I went. The vet told me to put him to sleep but I didn't and I was so overjoyed that Fritz overcame this terrible illness and I called my vet to to tell him that he survived. He lived a very long time; but then disappeared on me...I think (I know someone took him Not because he passed away from that). You, Roger and Quinn will be in my prayers tonight as well as my thoughts and prayers continually...please keep in touch.
May Our Heavenly Father Bless You & Yours
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How is Quinn doing? I hope he is feeling better
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Well, he seems to be doing a little better... today for the first time in about a week, he voluntarily came out of his room to come to hang out in the living room/kitchen where we were. He's still shying away a bit, but we're just happy he's up and around.

He's talking alot today...which is normal for him. He was always really talkative to us, and today he's meowing quite a bit.

He seems a little bit more bright eyed, and is eating a little more (I think)..not back to normal, but I've seen him eating a few bites now and then.

So, we'll see. Maybe the new antibiotic is making him feel a little more energetic. He was whimpering a bit every now and then last night...but I think he was just in pain from the abdominal tap (I would be! He's much braver than his mommy for sure!)
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Poor little Quinn!

I'm glad he's feeling better today. Tell him we all very much and think he's a brave little kitty!
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I have been off the site a few days but wanted to send you a post because I really feel that Quinn may have a corona virus, but not have FIP. Please go to my site and read this weeks column on FIP ( Click on Newspaper columns. I have researched this so much. If a cat truly has FIP it is terminal - BUT there are so many times it is not FIP and they rally. FIP does not happen as fast as Quinn's disease in most cases - it is a long drawn out illness - anyway, read the column and I continue to send light and energy to Quinn!
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Dear Jessica,
I read your last post and I pray that Quinn's health is improving...he's been on my mind...
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Things are looking kind of grim for Quinn..

I know that the titer is inconclusive but the test came back SO HIGH... it is 1:1600. That seems ASTRONOMICALLY high to me...

We're trying to keep up hope, because he seems like he's getting a little better socially and he's eating a bit more than he was previously. He's still a little concerned with keeping himself hidden, and we're keeping him dehydrated. We just don't know what to do. Like I said.. we're trying to keep our hope. But the titre is insanely high... and we know it doesn't necessarily mean FIP.. but it's just another piece of the puzzle that we don't really like.
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Dearest Jessica,
My prayers are with you and Quinn, I have no idea what these numbers mean at all. All I know is that only good beautiful thoughts and prayer are streaming from my home and heart into yours in hopes that he sees better days real soon. He's been through enough already.
God Bless You & Quinn!
Most Sincerely,
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Do not despair! I don't know what these numbers mean either, but what's important is that he's not feeling too bad!
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Dear Jessica,
I haven't been on the site for about a couple of weeks's Quinn? I hope he's doing well. You'll all be in my prayers.
May God's Blessing's Shine Upon You All.
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We're just going day by day now... Hoping for the best. He's really about the same as he was.. just lethargic, not wanting to be touched, etc. He's eating, which is good... we have him on the immunobooster still... I think he is in pain, and I don't want him to be in pain... I guess we will find out Thursday, when we go to the vet again for a consultation.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.. I really appreciate them.
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Make sure and let us know what happens at the vet. I am still hoping he pulls through this!!
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Thanks Sandie..We all appreciate it.

I will definitely let you guys know after we get home.
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