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My fat calico

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I thought that you would like to see my fat calico "patches".
We called her that because all of her black and brown parts are almost all squares. It'a kind of neat!

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Beautiful, beautiful kitty!!!!!
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i cant see it... :confused3
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Me either!
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I couldn't either till I opened the URL directly.

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I can't see the picture either! All I can see is a small white box which has a red X inside of it.

Zip, since you are a new member, I will explain that here at TCS, we sometimes see these red X's instead of the pictures that other members are trying to post. I have never posted any pictures myself, so I can't give you anymore information about this.

Another possible way for you to show us pictures of your cats is to put the pictures in an on-line photo album, and then post the link to the album for us.

We just love looking at pictures of members cats here!
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for those that cant see her right-click on the red X and go to properties, copy the URL and paste into your browser.

she's fat indeed ! but precious (like my Kenya)
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OMG! How much does she weigh? Oops, forgive me, it's not nice to ask that question of a lady.......
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Patches is so precious!!!! I love her markings, too!
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Can't see her, tried the link in ImmortalFlower's post and got this message:

You don't have permission to access /photos214/3/84/33/50/16/0/16503384303_0_ALB.jpg on this server.

Apache/1.3.9 Server at im2.ofoto.com Port 80

And as a Mac user I don't have the right click option (one button mouse)

Three strikes and you're out . . .
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Sunlion, I just got the same message. That's weird. I don't know my server, but I have DSL through MSN in Bellevue, WA. Forbidden! What? You can't forbid me from looking at fat cats! Stupid computer.
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I tried that link too and got the same message, and right clicking on the red X didn't work either. I have DSL through my local phone company.
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Awwwwwwwwwww, what a chuncky little girl!!!!!!!!! How adorable.
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I bet she is cute - but I can't see it!
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If you right click on where it shows the X, it will bring up the property box. Copy & Past the URL into your web browser, and it'll show!
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I didn't have any problem seeing the picture...it was right there!

That is one fat, beautiful cat!!! I too was curious how much she weighs!

She is such a doll!!!!!!!
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What does she eat? She's such a cutie. I think my little orange kitty is heading in that direction. She was so pot-bellied when I first got her I thought she had worms:tounge2:

The vet said she just likes to eat. Just like her mama
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