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How to teach kitten to not be so rough

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I've had my kitten for a few days and she's becaome very comfortable with me. But when we are playing she get's a little to rough with my hands and arms, she's only 8 weeks old. But she's starting to really tear up my arms. She doesn't just bite hear and there she bites and shakes her head and digs her nails into me and..and well it get's really rough. Even when were not playing it will come out of no where which I see could be normal because she is a spaz sometimes lol. But is there maybe a way I could teach her she's being too rough. I dont want to hit her and I couldn't do that to an animal and I tell her no and of course she doesn't listen to me. Do any of yall have this problem or have dealt with this issue before with your cats?
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There is a way to teach a cat not to bite, but I don't know if that applies to kittens of that age. I think the best way would be to take on a mamma cat role and do what she would do to teach her kittens. And I don't know what that is, so I'm waiting to see what others have to say, too.
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yeah, I know about whistles for dogs and stuff like that. But this is my first kitten that I'm trying to raise so I want to do it the best and right way I can.
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Don't use your hands directly to play with her. Use a toy, that way she won't become used to attacking your hands.
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When she bites, say OUCH loudly. You might also hiss at her like her mom would do.

Other with more experience will probably be along shortly to give you some better advice.
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You kitty is being a normal kitty. Playtime is preytime, and guess who the prey is? keep your hands and fingers out of the equation. Get Da Bird, or the cat dancer, or just a peacock feather and play with her only with toys. If the toys have strings, then this is supervised play only. Lock the toy up when you are done playing with her.
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I don't have much experience, but my Singa was pretty rough when I got her. (8 weeks)
At the beginning it didn't hurt much when I played with my hands with her, but as she grew older... my! those claws and teeth... ouch!
So I did it this way.
As soon as it hurt I mimicked a cat and said Ow (stressing it so it sounded like a meow). and I immediately stopped all motion of my hand. (no fun for a kitten to play with something that doesn't move so don't pull away - it would only hurt you more!)
try that over and over again. Now my baby is 4.5 months and her claws are mainly clipped and so the tips are rounded off and don't hurt too much, but her teeth still do. so what I do is take a toy... let her grab my hand and arm, but shove the toy in her mouth to bite on

Hope it helps!
Good luck
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I agree that you should just play with the toys more than your hands. I learned that mistake with my first kitty a long time ago. I used to rough house gently with her, and she loved attacking me. But it got to the point that I couldn't go to the bathroom at night because she would attack me while I was half asleep. I was constantly her prey and it hurt.
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Until I hit the submit button for this reply, Hissy (Mary Anne) hasn't officially been credited for what worked for me and Chasey. Don't use your hands as toys like has been already said. Also don't let anyone else use their hands as toys and make sure you have a toy that's readily available when your kitten does this by surprise. Redirect your kitten to the toy instantly. I kept a stuffed plush mouse nearby that became the bitting and wrestling toy. It sounds like there are other good suggestions here too.
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She will grow out of it but it is normal kitty behaviour.

You need to take the focus off yourself and onto something else - a toy other than your hands, as has already been mentioned!!

You can also yelp loudly when she bites or scratches - not as successful with kittens as with puppies but it will startle her out of it. Most importantly, she needs to associate this behaviour with your reaction - so as soon as she bites or scratches you you need to cease ALL contact with her and ignore her. Give her something else to bite and walk away. She will quickly learn that hurting Mummy means no time with Mummy.

Remember to always reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour by isolating her from company. If there is anything baby cats and dogs hate more than being ignored by the one they love I'm yet to find it!!

Also, if you really wear her out with two or three good, interactive play times a day she will soon get into a routine of just attacking the toys that you use. Get a Cat Dancer, or Da Bird, or Thing-In-A-Bag - there's also lots of fun to be had with a laserlight pen as long as you keep the beam away from her face. A tired kitty is a happy kitty!
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Okay, thank you so much for the replys. I thought I had a mean kitty or I was doing something wrong. Now I just have to teach my older brother not to handle her rough with his hands since he likes to do that. A little while ago we were playing with a toy and she climbed my shirt and bit my face. But I did walk away
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