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Need Advice on Incontinent Cat!

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Here's another novel from me; if you hadn't noticed I'm rather prosaic...but this one is about the health of my kitty.
First off, I have to find another vet - does anyone know of a good vet in the Northern VA area (just outside of DC)? I just don't think the current vet is taking enough time to get to know the cat or to answer my questions without making me feel silly. In the meantime, I thought I might get some help from you on this latest, disturbing development.
Poor Guimauve seems to have gone a bit incontinent. The first sign was a loose poo ball outside of, and around the back of, his litter pan two days ago. I assumed it was a 'hanger on' that had just dropped off since he has had trouble with his feces ever since I got him in Oct 01 (as a stray). But, a few minutes ago, he was sitting on the couch with me and when he got up I noticed another small present. At this point, I was watching him like a hawk. When he returned to the couch about an hour (?) later, I invited him up. As he started to lay down, I noticed a little poo ball hanging on his butt. On average, they've been about 1/2 inch but seemed to get progressively smaller. Has anyone had this happen to their cat?
Could this be due to something like an anal prolapse (I read about that somewhere)? His butt has often looked irritated - esp before and after a bowel movement. There is nothing hanging out (no tissue) but his butt sometimes looks a bit too puffy. I'm wondering if whatever is wrong has slowly built up over time and this is just the latest stage.
When Gui was first found he was checked out by a vet and vaccinated. Then, when he got to me (a friend found him), I took him to the vet for another exam, to be neutered, and to get the rest of his vaccinations.
The cat has had bad bouts of loose stools a few times (but still always made it to the litter pan) and has been back to the vet four times in a span of three months. He went to the vet because of loose stools, tapeworms (he had a ravenous appetite for a few months but wasn't getting heavy), to have a lump checked out and for a health certificate. At the last visit, in December, I told the vet that Gui still had a ravenous appetite but that he was starting to get a little heavy. The vet said to feed him a bit less or give him a diet food. At all of the visits, the vet said he didn't notice anything terribly wrong with Gui.
After the last visit, the cat seemed to be doing better; or at least that's what I thought. Looking back, perhaps the couple of times he had smooshed poo on his bum was a sign of things to come.
He's still too heavy but I switched foods in January and just started to get him down to 'normal' amounts of food in February.
Gui seems to be doing fine otherwise - he's eating, drinking, using the litter box (at least for weeing and major pooing), playing and relaxing. I guess part of me is in denial hoping it's just a fluke and that tomorrow he will be all better.
But, back to looking for a vet because I still want to take him in for a consult.
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Yeah, there's a few things that come to mind. I would ask the vet to do a blood test to check body function. I would do it just to make sure his liver, kidneys and thyroid are working okay. Is he obese at all or just a little on the chubby side? Obesity could cause this problem. If the blood comes back okay, I would ask for an x ray or ultrasound to check for any tumors. It could be nothing more than he is heavy and having trouble, but I would check all other avenues too. I hope you can find a vet that you like and you feel knows what they are talking about. I would like to know what happens if you don't mind sharing.
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I think (hope) the random release of poo was a fluke. Nothing has happened for the past 2 days, and Gui seems to be fine. He is eating regularly, playing, drinking, and is still using his litter box.
One thing that comes to mind is that I might have really upset Gui by giving him emergency baths 2 times in 3 days. Maybe I literally scared the sh*t out of him ! One bath was because he launched himself in front of me when I was carrying a full glass of soda (boy, was he surprised by the shock of cold liquid), and the other was because he seemed to back in to his poo in the litter box and, as I mentioned in another post, as I was wiping him off he let out a squirt of urine that made of mess of things back there. Poor thing, when he heard me coming into the room, he hopped out of the litter box (looking for breakfast) but I think he wasn't quite done yet.
I will definitely keep a close watch on kitty to see if there are any changes in his health. Since I'm relatively paranoid (most of my pet owning friends accuse me of running to the vet for every little thing), I might take him to see a new vet in the next couple of weeks. That will give me time to cut back on the fast food and occasional coffees out so I can contribute money to the million dollar kitty fund.
The cute little bugger is curled up beside me having a nice nap .
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cat Sam litterally pooped himself when another cat scared him.... I guess that's where the saying comes from!!!!!!:tounge2: I felt bad for him I think he was embarrassed!!!!
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