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Cat's nose is white

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I just noticed that my cat's nose is pale and when he's feeling good, it's usually bright pink. *sigh* I think it must have to do with the uri my cats have. It is so frustrating, I've been through 3 bottles of 2 different antibiotics, multiple vet visits, lysine, and nothing seems to help. They're still sneezing, congested, white noses, third eyelids. It's been 2 months and I'm still trying to get my cat's well. My vet told me to stop the antibiotics (they've been off them for about a week) and now there's a resurgence of symptoms. Just wanted to vent on what a pain this virus is, hopefully my cats will get 100% one of these days.

Hissy: I can't access my inbox, where can I find that grapefruit seed extract? And will that clear up symptoms or is it just a preventative?

thanks all,
kathy, meowser, and munch
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Originally Posted by MeowsersMom

where can I find that grapefruit seed extract?

You can find grapefruit seed extract at any health food/vitamin store

The stuff I have is a small white botle with a red cap with the letters GSE real big on the front
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If this is indeed a virus, the antibiotics are not going to help, so it is better that you stop them. A virus must run it's course so that the kitties can develop their own antibodies to fight it.

I know this is frustrating, a URI in a large number of cats is very, very difficult to manage. Be patient, practice the utmost of sanitation when dealing with the cats (wash hands frequently with hot water and antibacterial soap) and it will pass on it's own in time.
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I too am going through the same thing with all 4 of my cats. I sure know what you are going through. It is so frustrating.Itall started when I added a new siamese kitten in august. She appeared fine the first month then she started sneezing and very weepy inflamed eyes. the sneezing is better... But thats its..Soon the 3 resident cats had it. They went on Clavomax 3 times. Along with eye ointment . Now there on Orbax. The 2nd time..My vet also said its viral.. But they keep getting a secondary bacterial infection.
There also taking L-Lysine. he had said it will take weeks for this to clear up its now been months. (but it will in time clear up) And he now has said well sometimes some cats always have some symptoms.. He called it Chlamydia psittaci... Anyways I wish you good Luck and hope your kitties get over this. I am getting very worried about mine. The one favorite cat. Dare I say I have a favorite is the worse of course . His eyes look so sore very redened and inflammed.
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