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Does ur kitty snore?

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my kitty snores soooooooooooooo loud.. anyone elses?????
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Originally Posted by STLGRL5
my kitty snores soooooooooooooo loud.. anyone elses?????
Mine not only snores he "talks" in his sleep!!
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I've heard Harley snore before, I think its so cute!
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ronnie snores, hes woken me up before
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Stormie kinda whistles in her sleep, lol it's so cute!!!
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Wiggies sighs nad groans a lot in his sleep. It's very cute!
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Phoebe gives big, contented sighs in her sleep and on occasion she makes funny little chirps.
I guess I am fortunate - I have never had a snorer!
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Zorro snores. He's snored since he was a lil guy. He snores LOUD.

Snickers makes clicking noises (kind of a crunch-click) while he is sleeping!
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My dainty, ladylike Gracie does! She snores loud enough to wake me up. The first I heard her, I woke up a little startled wondering who it was!
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Braxton snores. And the deeper he's sleeping, the louder he's snoring!
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My Phoebe just does a deep breathing thing... kinda like Darth Vader (fits since she is solid black)
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Toby twitches his face and front paws, chirps and "giggles" in his sleep...but i`ve not caught him snoring yet.
Tedy just purrs....alll the time...even when he`s sleeping.
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I have 11 indoor cats and at least 4 of them snore! Good thing I run a fan at night when I sleep or else I'd have trouble sleeping Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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my new kitten snores, and the worst part is that she likes to cuddle next to my shoulder so she's kind of facing into my ear when she sleeps
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My Buster is busy while he sleeps...he snores, twitches his feet and whiskers, and recently I've heard him sigh, then grunt a couple times. I've only ever heard dogs do this before!
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Red Cat snores. Purdy apparently has nightmares and makes noises like he is in trouble, so I gently wake him up. But the biggest snorer of all was the late Guard Cat. That cat would often sleep right behind the stereo speakers with an opera playing and snore over the loudest tenor or baritone aria. How he could even sleep with that thing blasting in his ear beats me. But there was one time I was downstairs sewing, at the far end of the house. I heard a terrible snoring coming from upstairs. I knew that my husband was taking a nap, and my thought was, "My word! In our 38 years of marriage (at that point), I've never heard him snore so loud!" He had had a stroke, so I went upstairs just to check on him. And it wasn't him at all. It was Guard Cat! And I heard it loud from like 40 feet away around the corners and all!
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I've never heard Clinton snore, although I would probably laugh if I did. However, I love to watch his little facial expressions when he sleeps, especially when he dreams and all four little paws go a runnin!
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My mother's cat has a serious snore problem! She got him when he was a kitten and he was a feral baby living under a bridge. He was flea ridden and had terrible cat flu. She nursed him back to health and now he's one big sookie la la!
Anyway apparently the inside of his nasal passages are very scarred from him being a sick little baby and now he snores like a trooper! I went over to her place a few weeks ago and could hear him snoring in her bedroom when I was standing outside her front door! Sounded like a man in there! LOL
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My cat Woody used to snore incredibly loudly!! He could wake the dead!! But just like humans, if you rolled him over he would stop!!
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Sabina, my geriatri-cat, snores. She's 19 1/2 and in her age has developed some allergies, I suspect it is at least partially due to allergies (central heat/air in an apt bldg will have a certain amount of dust in it no matter what you try).

Sofia chatters and Keef purrs in their sleep. Those two are always on my bed or sofa, depending on where I am when I fall asleep so I can't miss it. LOL! I wake up with several toys that were not there when I fell asleep.
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Finny snores but only softly sometimes he mews softly too. Darci never snores.
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