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cat attacking other cat

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Hey Guys

I have 2 cats, Higgins and Apples. I had Apples first, and about 4 months later got Higgins. Apples is declawed and Higgins is not. And now it seems like Higgings knows that Apples doesnt have her claws and therefore he is being really ruff with her. The other day I came home, she had blood on her fur, not that much, but it was there. And I can only assume that Higgins did it today. And he is always wanted to play and he jumps on her, but he is so ruff,and she is constantly hissing at him. And this morning, I guess he wanted to play and she didn't and he got upset and started getting ruff again, and i had to put him in another room. Now i'm getting to the point where Higgins is starting to really make me mad for attacking Apples. And I have moments where i just want to have him declawed so that he won't hurt her. (BUT I WON'T DO THAT) And then at other times they are licking each other and being all lovey. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from being so ruff with her. Or is that just a cat thing.

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You didn't mention how long this has been going on, or how old the cats are. Not knowing that, I'd just suggest separating them when you're not home. When you're home, prevent an impending fight or break up a fight by diverting his attention. Use something that will get his attention like his favorite toy or a treat.

If injuries are occurring, you don't want to let this continue.
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Gemini... I have a similar problem (I have it posted in another thread) but my cat has been with me for 3 months and stays in my room because she will attack my roommate's cat if she gets out. she started pooping outside her box every day now because i think she's mad that she's couped up in the room. she's an angel with people and a devil when she spots other animals. i need help too, i am at my wits end i want to just let them out and squirt them when they start fighting but my roommate doesnt like that idea because her cat is like 3 1/2 pounds smaller and is a bred baby and mine is from a shelter and is gangsta, haha. i dont know what to do either. i feel your pain.
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