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well-trained cat mom

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Opie has, finally, bestirred himself. He's been awake and out of bed, for 15 minutes and, so far, has had me open the curtains, in the living room and the window shade, in my computer-cum-sewing room. Am I well-trained or, what? Both of these windows face the front yard and street. I think that Opie has designated himself the official Neighborhood Watch leader. Of course, when Bill gets home, in a couple of hours, it will be "Mommy who?" Every day, Opie spends about 1-2 hours on Bill's lap. When I work swing shift, I, usually, find Opie snuggled up tight against Bill and have to, forcibly, claim MY spot, in the bed. Then, Opie spends the rest of the night, on my side. It has become quite obvious that this house is being maintained, solely, for the comfort of the cat!
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you tooooo?!!! When I get up in the morning the
first thing I do is check his litter box, give him fresh (filtered) water, open the shades in the den (one of the best sports in the house to watch Kitty Home Theater, ie. birds). Go down stairs, open a can and give him a spoon or two, refill his dry food. Then it's my turn. When I get home from work the first thing we do, after giving him plenty of scratchies is give him 1 or 2 spoons of wet food, check the dry - refill if needed, go upstairs check the litter box (clean if needed). Then it's my turn - shall I go on (hehehehehe)

I think you guys get my point. I am just exhausted thinking about it..Would not have it any other way!!! WOuld do anything for my baby boy!!
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Isn't being a cat slave great?? :LOL:

I am definately owned by my cat!!!
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Kitty Slave is a great way to be! Try having 7 of them waiting for you! Shivers..........:tounge2:
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