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I am getting a Pell Grant!

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Yuppie!!!! I don't know how much. I will let you know when I receive the first check. I am excited! I am still looking for work, but the extra income will help me a lot with the rent, food, and my children! Yes!!!!
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I thought Pell Grants were for college and you had to strictly use them for that purpose?
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No, they are also helpful in paying bills. That is what the counselor told me. She told me they are useful especially when students like me don't have good work.
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Oh, thanks and good for you!!!
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That is great! It must be a relief having the financial assistance. It will help you focus on your courses when you don't have to worry so much about money.
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Thats such great news! I get a Pell Grant every quarter for school...I never knew that you could use it for other things besides college?? I know that helps out so I don't have to pay the money for college. It would be very expensive if I didn't get one. Now you can have less worries and you will do better in school.
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Pell Grants are awesome, congratulations Ali from the other Ali :p !

Yeah, you can use Pell Grants for anything in school, like living expenses, books, a tutor, medical bills. They're great.
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Thats great news Alicia! Congratulations.
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How wonderful!

I think the best part is, because it's a grant, you don't have to pay it back later! Nothing like graduating and having all that debt!
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Congratulations to you! That is great!!!
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After reading the award notification, I found out all the information. The Pell Grant is used to pay for tuition and fees. After that is paid, any remaining balance goes to me and I can use it for anything such as the rent, paying bills, or buying food.
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Sounds like a great deal to me!! Hopefully you'll have enough left over to help you out with other bills!!
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Well you deserve this, Nena, and I am very happy for you!!! I too hope you have some left over for bills!
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