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Tragedies in St Louis :(

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I am soooo sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I just had to get this out there:

There have been a couple of horrible horrible events that have taken place in our city within the past 2 weeks. Last week some poor kittens were found hanging by their necks in a tree out in a park only one survived He has been all over the news and since been adopted.

Also last week a rottweiler mix was found by police following a trail of blood which led them to this poor sweetheart who had been shot pretty badly in the back leg, they expect him/her to survive however it has not undergone surgery yet because it is too weak poor poor baby.

This weeks tragedy was an throwing kittens out of a moving car on the highway. the police caught this and I hope he rots in hell! the poor kitties died btw

So can everyone please pray for all the poor helpless defenseless sweethearts who are being killed in our mean city .


Again sorry for the sad story but these babies need our prayers.
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How terrible!, I hope the people that did these crimes are caught and punished...it's just not right

Many prayers and vibes for the furry victims that didn't make it and the ones that are recovering.
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That makes me so upset to hear that!!

I have some horrible stories myself but I hate to share them, they always make me feel so horrible inside to even think about people mistreating little kittens/cats like that.

I hope these people pay for what they did, they deserve all the punishment they get
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How awful!!! People make me so angry and I think that they should be punished how they hurt or killed those poor animals!
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All of those stories are so tragic! And another reason why the laws for cruelty need to be harsher AND taken seriously by law enforcement. This may sound horrible, but at least these stories are making the news in your area. When people are informed they are more likely to take action.

May peace be with those angels who have gone to the Bridge so prematurely. May the gods bless those who survived such cruelty. And may Karma prove that vengeance is always hers to those who did these horrible things!

I'll move this to SOS
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I hate to hear such horror stories!! I read about cats hanging from trees somewhere - but I do not recall if it was St. Louis. I thought of posting it and then decided it was too depressing!!
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Oh good grief what a horrible way to go

Bless their little hearts but i hope whoever did these shocking acts pay dearly for it!
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What tragedies to befall such innocent angels . I hope justice is swift and merciless in these cases.

May their souls play and purr forever safe at the Bridge .
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Poor sweet babies. Smudgie will welcome and play with them at the Bridge.
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RIP, sweet babies and {{{Prayers and protection vibes}}} for the cats and dogs and children every where who are exposed to such monsters! May God judge between them and you!
As difficult as reading this is, I commend you all for having the selflessness, courage and compassion to do so. Recognizing and exposing evil is the first step to stopping it
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People like this make me sick and IMO, they should be put to sleep just the same way us humans would put an animal down, who was a so called "danger" to people. If you can hurt a poor kitten or ANY animal, you have no place in society and are a danger to everyone RIP poor babies, God will comfort you now
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I couldnt agree more!!!!! Take those horrible beings(i will not give them the dignity of being called humans!) off the face of this planet and I hope they rott in hell for eternity

RIP sweethearts
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That is just horrible....and what makes it worse, is when the media covers stories like these, which IMO gives other thugs copycat ideas..

RIP sweet ones...Run and play over the RB, no more pain or suffering
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