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Comfy Lyla..

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Doesnt she look happy on her little toasty warmer?
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She looks like she's in heaven
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She looks so content!

Harley would love something like that, he's always laying next to our heat registers!
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she looks very happy
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Aww, She does! I may have to invest in one of those warmers too.

Lyla's markings are sooo cute. I love her little button nose.
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Thanks guys.hehehehe she sure is a sweety and I adore the snot out of her. I couldnt help but snap that photo last night. I thought it was cute. if you want more info bout the little warmers you can email me..via Katie@scamperfarms.com

or feel free to click the link in my sig.
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How cool! I think I have just the right stuff around to MAKE one of those. Lovely!
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hehehe...Lyla is mad at me currently i kicked her off hers lol
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She looks like a beautiful decoration to me!
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shes a beautiful girl. I love showing her off lol..she is so sweet and...precious...the cuddleiest out of the three girls...

more examples..

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Aww, she LOOKS sweet!
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She is a very beautiful cat and looks very sweet.
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thanks everyone..she is

and so are her sisters...


and Lace
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