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injured tabby

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Hi my name is david. I have a young tabby called Harry who is very poorly at the moment having been hit by a car a day ago. He has been to the vet and is now in a cage at home for the next 6 weeks in the hope that his leg will mend. I would like some advice on the best site to go to to understand what his injuries mean - his hock was badly damaged and tendons all torn plus shattered bone
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Please keep an eye on blood clots! My poor dear Ricky dog was hit by a car about a year ago he initially survived to undergo surgery to put a rod in his leg (hock area also) pretty much the same injury shattered bone torn ligaments etc. The surgery went great he was walking and getting better everyday then suddenly a clot had dislodged from the wound site and went to his brain we had to let our dear baby go he was paralized it was very painful and we were out a LOT of money but we would do it all over again if we had to. Does kitty need surgery to repair the shattered bone? I would get a second or third opinion and please have them check for blood clots!!! PLEASE! Well wishes I hope kitty gets better soon {{{{}}}}
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Hi David and welcome to TCS.

There are other web sites around that will most likely give you a good explanation as to the injuries but this site is good too, in that we can provide lots of prayers and vibes for Harry and lots of support for you.
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Hello David!

I moved your thread to Health and Nutrition where the folks with medical knowledge are more likely to see it.

I am sorry to hear about the accident and hope poor old Harry gets better soon.
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, David. I'm very sorry to hear about Harry, and will keep him in my thoughts. I suppose you are looking for a site with veterinary information. I can give you a few links, the first one being the most comprehensive:
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