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Taking out the trash.......(A good vent)

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So John and I just wrote off a friend of ours...A Friend of 10 years.....

After 3 months of lies, calls to us only when he needed something, calling at 3 am drunk so he could whine about how hard his life is......disapointment, broken promise...and then this past week since we have stopped returning his calls he has called up our machine almost everynight to call us "dorks", "losers" and going off on how "Goes to show who your real friends are" We...or more so I told him why we don't plan to ever talk to him again, and where he could shove it........

A 10 year friendship, you would think I would be upset, and I am not in the slightest...I am happy with this decision inside and out........

It funny...my dad was right...I remember when i was in highschool and I would have a fight with my friend and have the teenage mentality that this was the end of the world...my dad would say "When you get to be into your 20's very few to none of your friends now will still be around, only a very select few true friends will still be around"....I remember being so mad when he said that to me.......But how right he was.........

John and I have been "Sheading dry skin" like crazy, we have our lives to deal with, and do not have the time to deal with these highschool delemas......

The newly ex-friend who has inspired this post is a 24-year-old, live with mamma, unemployed, uneducated, drug addict, whose "true friends" are a bunch of 15 year olds who hang out in downtown Salem, and idiolize him cause he will buy them beer and cigs..... I shake my head now as to why I even socialized with him this long.......But I have finally come to my sences.....It was time to tak out the trash
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Good for you!

It certainly sounds like you did the best thing for yourselves!

It is so funny how when our parents tell us things like that (when we're younger) we just can't fathom not having those friends! We kind of think we'll know them forever!

I'm so pleased for you taking out the trash - I bet you feel SO much better!
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