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Will CJ Rip Gabby's Stiches?

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These two are pretty rowdy when they play, they play kinda rough. I am worried that they will start playing and some of her stitches might get ripped out (she was just spayed Wed at noon). Cj wouldnt do it on purpose and most of the afternoon he has been very nice to her, but now he is wanting to play and I guess she is feeling a bit better because she is kinda playing back. I dont want to seperate them unless I have to because I figure he will provide some comfort for her to curl up next to, but I cant exactly watch them while I am sleeping or at work tomorrow. I dont want to wake up with her bust open or come home to something worse.

What would you guys do?

How long do I need to keep seperating them when they get rowdy?

How long before the stiches start to heal up so I dont have to worry so much?
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If it were me, I'd seperate them asap...she shouldn't be rough and tumbling this soon after her spay (imo), and I'd say keep her quiet and away from him until her stitches are due to be removed (as I recall usually 10 days? help me here folks, it's been a while since I had a spay done!).

Of course, you can just seperate them tonight, and then call your vets office in the am, and get their opinion
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Yeah it was 10 days for Poppy....
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Don't let them get together. The cat that has been spayed needs to be quiet for a few days, no jumping or running or doing anything other than staying as quiet as possible and eating small amounts of food several times a day.
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I had my male and female both done last Thursday and we had to be extra careful that they did not lick each other or anything. My female had intrenal stiches so she will not have to have them removed. And my male had none. It has been 7 days and she is healing nicely. But, I would definately have them separted unless you are home to watch them 24/7.
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Apparently these stiches dissolve after a week or 2? I put her back in the bathroom last night. I just dont want to keep changing things on her because she doesnt seem to take it very well (ie changing litter boxes, moving litter boxes, etc)

I am glad to know that I did the right thing!
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Just keep an eye on gabby herself.....my daughters cat pulled several of her own stitches out!
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Now I'm a bit worried. My kitten was spayed yesterday and I brought her home. She was very drowsy (still is) and I left my two cats together while I am at work. I won't be able to go home and check for another 4 hours from now...
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They should be ok. Just get home when you can. My cats just sleep and nothing much really would move them. I'm sure its in a quiet spot of of the way!
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