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Lobster anyone?

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I can only say in this case, crime did not pay, the criminal did!

Lobster Attack
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Who in their right mind would put live lobsters in his pants? Is he insane. I definately feel the punishment suits the crime!
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Hahahaha!! That is sooo funny!!! What an idiot!!! hahahahaa!!! Who the hec steals lobsters anyway?!?!?!?! hahahaha!!
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Geez..this guys needs to live where I do..I get lobsters for free!!! I wonder if he'll have an aversion to lobster now? :laughing:
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ROFLMAO!!! What an idiot!!! He deserves what happened to him.
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This deserves an honorable mention in the Darwin awards. He didn't exactly remove himself from the genepool through death, but his stupidity certainly prevents him fully participating!

And what about the lobster? Didn't it have those rubber bands on its claws? Poor thing must have been terrified! Or maybe it thought it saw a sea anemone . . .
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Oh my gosh!!! That was insane! That guy will probably never eat lobster again! :LOL: Bet that lobster thought it was a tentacle or something, trying to get him!!! :LOL:
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