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Older Kitty Question

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I've had my kitty since I was 7 years old and have never treated her any differently to this day. My room is her room, we sleep together, watch TV, cuddle, love, rub on each other pretty much daily. There's no doubt that over the years we've created a special bond with each other. Lately, she's been wanting more and more attention. Always laying right next to me in bed, rubbing around my legs while I'm standing (and she's NEVER done that until recently), and just overall, whatever I'm doing, she's right there with me. It's not annoying to me at all but I've heard that when an animal becomes very affectionate that they know they're not going to be around much longer. I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this because I am very worried and just want to be prepared. She's very healthy according to the vet so I don't know what to think. Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks Linz
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My friend has a 10 year old cat and he started acting really clingy when her dog died. The death of the cat's lifelong pal got him acting really clingy with my friend. Have there been any changes in your cats routine, like moving?
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Linz, I'm assuming she's an elderly cat and it's possible that she's just mellowing with old age. The change in behaviour can also be an indication that she's not well but if she's eating, drinking and acting normally, I wouldn't be worried. Simply enjoy the love.
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I'd attribute this behavior to "mellowing with old age" too. My oldest, Katie is 12+ and her personality has definitely chaged as she's aged. She's always been affectionate, but is even more so now, and she is totally laidback. Even bringing a new kitten into the house earlier this year didn't upset her.
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thanks ya'll. your replies meant a lot to me. and to meowsersmom, there has been no sudden changes what so ever. I guess she's just ... clingy.
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From looking at your profile, you are 21. Are you working more hours, or going out more with friends? Maybe she just realizes you are growing up, and wants to stay close to you!
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I think some cats just become more affectionate when they become older. My cat who is about 15-16 years old was aloof and not cuddly for several years. However about 5 years ago he become more interested in cuddling and being petted etc.
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I`ve hear that from a lot of people ...that as their cats got older they became more loving and clingy.
If I figured right by your profile, she must be about 14 years old???
She could still have a lot of wonderful years with you...so try not to worry about if she might or might not be with you for ??? how long. Just enjoy her and know that there is`nt really anything you can do to "prepare" & brace yourself to not feel the grief when her time does come.....and remember that a lot of us, as we get older, just want to love & be loved more. :-)
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