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T. Hatch (the cat who flu?)

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As promised; the story of one of the amazing things T. Hatch did. T. Hatch was a giant tom named for my boss Theodore Hatch Dent. T. Hatch was born in 1973 when I lived in Chevy Chase, MD. He resembled a wild bobcat more than a domestic pet. He stood at least 20ins. at the shoulder and was long and lean, but there never was a more loving or docile boy and he was totally devoted to me. Whenever I was home he had to be in my lap or on my shoulders (no small feat for such a large cat). He craved attention from me. He tolerated others, but adored me. During the early 70's I was doing a lot of painting and it was almost impossible to draw or paint wth T. Hatch in the room because he insisted on being on me in some fashion. It broke his heart, but I had to shut him out of the living room where I was working. Not just out of the room, but finally completely outside the house because he made such a racket at just a closed door. Thinking he was outside; I returned to my canvas. Momentarily I heard a loud MEOW followed by a swooshing sound and finally a KAPLOP ! ! ! T. Hatch had come down the chimney! No small achievement when you consider the fact that we lived in a three story brick tudor house and I was in the Great Room on the first. floor! He seemed none the worse for wear and happy as a saucer of cream to have found me. Just to prove to myself that he had meant to climb to the roof and come down the chimney to me; we recreated the event later when Joann came home. So, you see, he didn't fly to me but came to me via the flu. . . .T. Hatch succummed to diabetes in 1974 back then not as much was known about treating that disease in cats as we know today. Those of you who give your boys and girls their shots daily for feline diabetes are indeed lucky that a way has been found for you to keep them healthy. Gotta go; almost time for The District with Craig T. Nelson (love him!) I'm 52 not dead !. . . . . . .
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Dear Threeleggedkat,
I was working on my website for my cats and I was just about half way finished, (i'm thinking to myself...I better save this) that particular program freezes on me...!!!!!! grrrrrrr!!!!!!!! So, I switch back over to AOL and I decide to pick up my mail and I had gotten a reply from TCS. Well, low and behold I just ran down the postings here and saw one of your stories as well and had to check it out. PLEASE...whatever you do...keep them coming. I laughed so hard! I could care less about that stupid website. Besides, I'm getting a megamonster computer this week, Thank the Lord...I'm so sick of wasting precious time with this game boy! By the way, your little boy T. Hatch sounds like my Opie. He's a big tall cat too. Very muscular; not too overfriendly with others but he sure loves his Mommy (seems like the way T.Hatch adored you)lol...he doesn't like to share me too much wth the other cats or people and he'll let that known real quick. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your show. Hey, I know this really nice guy....lol j/k
See ya later
Take Care & God Bless
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Great story !!! They do seem to go out of their way to be with us don't they?
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Oh threeleggedcat....I Loved that story!!!!! Thanks for making me smile!!!
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Three, that was just beautiful! What a sweet lil' guy T was! Boy, he wouldn't be denied his mom would he? Thats just wonderful! Great story!

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What a great story! People who say cats are aloof and independent have never lived with them! I can't sit down to read the paper or watch television or lay down to take a nap that I don't have at least six of the eleven surrounding me and vying for lap space! Would any of use know how to act without our purrsons?
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I loved that story, it gave me a big laugh.
More stories please.
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Thanks so much for the kind words about my stories. I have always been able to tell a good story, but all the credit goes to the cats who have let me love them. To answer Catarina, my first name is Darlene, or"D" to all my friends (especially you new ones at the Cat Site). I have a few tips to pass on to Debby and the rest of us who need all the help we can get providing medical attention, spaying and neutering and even daily feeding of our four legged babies (feline or kanine). These are some things that have worked for me and I've been providing for anywhere from 4 to 18 cats, kittens, and dogs at any one given time since 1971 when Joann gave me Squeaker. You must have Hootspah (balls) to attempt some of these things, but you would be surprised how many professionals will respond if you

just ask. Almost every city or town of some size has a Humane
Society with a
learning veterinary hospital connected. Ask about reduced rates for multiple spayings or neuterings. Ask about student vets who need surgical practice. Ask about senior citizen discounts. If you intend to be an active cat rescuer or a no kill shelter take the time to get a tax exempt status (it is not that hard and I have some contacts that can walk you thru it.) Once you are tax exempt, you can offer any professional vet who will treat your animals for free or for reduced rates a bonified tax deduction for his records. The vet can claim the full rate he would normally charge for said services. Also, if you or husband, etc. is over 50 join AARP, it is only $10.00 a year for both of you and my local Humane Society offers a discount as well as one day a year greatly reduced rates for micro chip identification implanting. ($5 per pet as opposed to $35 normally.) Most of you also live in or near a city with a Ralston Purina or other co. pet food manufacturing facility. I am fortunate that I live in St. Louis, MO.(Checkerboard Square Headquarters for Ralston) Here's what happens; pet food like anything else has a sell by date, but that doesn't mean it is no good--just that it can't be sold. So, you call up or write and ask them when each month you can help them out by picking some of this expired food up from their pick-up warehouses. Please know that the product is okay, I have been feeding it to my pets for over 20yrs. The same thing occurs periodically when they change package designs. Believe me I have made myself known to them so many times that one of the VP's now calls me to let me know what they have for me. All this product is a write off for the company and many times ends up in landfills because they can't find enough people who want it. . . . This is just a sampling of some of the ideas that have worked for me. Please feel free to e-mail me at Saucy-Kat@webtv.net. We can all work together. I will try to come back on tonite with the story of Princess Anastasia the reluctant hang-glider. See you all later, Threeleggedkat
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Oh thank you so very much for those GREAT ideas!!

*looks around for lost hootspah*

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