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What a bunch of cat poop! I feel ill!!! :-(

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I never got a flu shot in my life, until today. My health practioner at work recommended it because of my trip to India, I may be exposed to strains different from what I am used to. So I got the shot, but I heard that you can get symptoms of flu from the shot (that go away pretty quickly). I asked about it and she was like "Of course not!" At the moment, I feel like I'm gonna hurl, wheeze or something B.S.! You don't get symptomatic I want some hot tea and lay down with my blanket!!!
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I had mine yesterday too - feel fine and dandy! Sorry that you had a residual effect - it should go away soon.

Keep drinking the tea!
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Hope you feel better soon.
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Sorry you are feeling crummy..sending you many get well vibes
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I`m sorry that you are feeling sick.... and hope it passes quickly for you.
My folks have gotten sick from their flu shots before when they were told they would`nt too....I have NEVER gotten a flu shot...and I have`nt had a flu for at least 30-35 years.
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Haven't had a flu shot, since 1969 - it made me sick as a dog. I haven't had the flu, since 1973 and I was going to have to get well, in order to die.
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I hope you feel better soon - those symptoms usually abate quickly enuf! Only once -when I foolishly did not realize I was coming down with something and had a flu shot in the midst of that - did a flu shot bother me. I was ill off and on several times that winter, ugh!!

That saidf, I always get a flu shot. I work around lots of children with various illnesses and I have my own respiratory probs. Thus far,I have not had it administered yet tho. But I encourage anyone who has a chronic health condition, is elderly or works in the health are field to get one!! Plus, at our hospital, we give out lillipops and I don't want to miss out in that.
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Aww, I hope you feel better soon

I only had the flu shot once.. but I am terrified of needles so..
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I used to get it every year when I worked with the elderly. It only made me sick once- the next day I felt hot and tired and a wee bit dizzy. Another time the injection site got red & itchy- some antihistimines helped. You kind of take that chance when you get a shot, but its better than getting the flu.
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