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Does anyone know anything about sinusitis? I took my almost-two year old cat to the vet after she sneezed and wasn't drinking water as well as seemed mildly lethargic. The vet did a check up and said that she didn't have a fever, her eyes and nose weren't crusty, and since she was still eating (albeit less) and she was still using the litterbox she didn't seem to have anything wrong with her. He thought maybe sinusitis. This was Monday. She has been eating a/d wet food as well as her Friskies wet food as per vet instructions and has started playing more. He gave her an IV of water. She seems 85% better. But I'm still not exactly clear as to what sinusitis is/entails. Any thoughts?
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I am unsure about cat sinuses but you may try steam ... the iv likely fluched her system out and took most of the bacteria out ...
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It's a word to describe inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses,it may be acute or chronic. More than likely it may have just been a minor irritation or infection. She may have been dehydrated because she wasn't getting enough water, the IV fluids helped her to get back on her feet.
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out Toby has this early this spring and they put him on antibiotics. He ia "as good as new" now. No reoccurrance as of yet.
I hope your kitty turns out to be the same!
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I'm so thoroughly confused at this point. She seemed to have responded, but this morning I found diarrhea in her litter. I have another vet appointment tonight to get more IV fluids (the vet's suggestion), and she also seems to have developed an ear infection to boot.

So now, there's no more sneezing, she's eating well enough I guess (all canned, seems to have lost interest in dry), not drinking as much water from bowl (getting fluids from wet food?), playing more than she had been but there's diarrhea and she's less affectionate.
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When they eat mostly wet food, they don't need to drink as much, so this may be the case. Also, the diarrhea could be from more canned foods, or the fluids. If she's not dehydrated, giving her the extra fuid could cause the diarrhea because her body is trying to get rid of the excess.
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Thanks. That is pretty much what my vet said when I took her back today. He told me to take her off the a/d and give her baby food until her stool gets more solid. He also gave me medicine to give her twice a day to help her stomach. I don't know about her, but I feel a little more comforted having gone back to see him.
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