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Hair obsession

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One of my cats (Jimmy) has a strange obsession with my hair - It's not really a problem, just something I've never experienced before and I wondered if anyone else has a cat that does the same thing.

Jimmy is nearly two years old, and since he was a kitten, he's loved cuddling up in my hair. Every morning and most nights when I'm in bed, he'll jump on the bed and stick his head and paws in my hair, have a good old knead and purr and then go to sleep. He'll stay there for a few minutes then suddenly wake up and move somewhere else.

The funniest thing is when I've got out of bed in the mornings, he'll jump up and look round my pillow to try and find my hair, even though he knows I'm not in bed :laughing: He also has a sniff of my fiance's head, but he's got an extremely short haircut and it's obviously not good enough for Jimbo, he just turns his nose up and walks away.

I'm assuming this is a 'mummy' sort of thing - because he was a kitten of my sister's cats, I cuddled him a lot while he was still with his mum - I'm wondering if he associates my hair with his cat mum

Anyone got any ideas?
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My cat Pepper did that when he was a kitten, but he'd suckle on my neck! He still suckles, But now he prefers to cuddle up with a blankie instead of my hair! Try putting him under a blanket. He could be curling up in your hair for warmth. But, I let Pepper sleep in my hair--I couldn't say no to him! He is my only cat that did it! It's so cute!
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He's soooo cute, I just let him get on with it. Although it can get painful if he sticks his claws in my head
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Ophelia did this when she was a kitten, and she was separated from her mother too early (we think she was about 5-6 wks old when she got stuck in the walls of our apartment building and we could never find mama cat to take her in to take care of Ophelia.) You could be right about you being his "replacement mommy".
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