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diarreah in cats!

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Hi all... I am a newbie here, some ??, hoping for advice...

I adopted a 13 month old cat back in July. I started fostering some other cats about a month or so later, and ended up bringing in a parasite (giardia). It took some time for this to be diagnosed, so this has been going on a while. The vet put all cats on Pancur, and everyone, except this guy cleared up nicely. He was on the Panacur for at least two weeks, then went on Metronidazole (sp?) for another 5 days, as well as the high fibre diet recommended by the vet.

Yesterday, the vet took him off the Metronidazole and put him on Tylozine, and a gastro diet. I know it's premature for yesterdays changes, but he's still not any better.

Before the parasite was diagnosed, we've tried several different types of foods. One of the best was Eagle Pack, but this was still far from perfect. The high fibre, and the gastro (so far) has made no difference.

Other than the condition of the litter boxes, everything is fine. The cat presents very healthy, is very active, and eating/drinking well. He's considered a good weight; possibly "slightly" over weight. He and fosters are all indoor cats.

As mentioned, he is being seen by the vets, and following their advise; but I was wondering if anyone might have any advice or other ideas? Last two stool samples were normal... they are suspecting possibly a irritable bowel syndrome, likely brought on by the parasite. The vet is saying the next step might be trying steroids, but we are all hoping that will not be necessary.

Anyone ever had problems after parasites cleared up? If so, any ideas as to how to help this poor puss?

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I have no advice, but hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon.
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Well, if he has only been on this new med since yesterday and already the last few poops have been normal...hopefully it is clearing him up.
Since he is under the vets care (and if you have a good vet that you trust) then i`d let it ride and see what happens and what the vet has to say. It sounds like he is doing everything he can and maybe this is the final med he will need to get this under control.
If someone else has any other ideas i`m sure they`ll see this and let you know.
And by the way...Welcome to TCS!
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Thanks for the replies none of his poops have been normal since all of this started. It was before the giardia was dx, that it looked like he was improving slightly on the Eagle Pack food. He was still very runny, but seemed slightly better, for a few days. He's not been "normal" for about a couple of months.

But, I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things are with this new medication, and the food. I've got all cats on the same food now, to ensure he doesn't get anything he's not supposed to. But, I had been feeding one of my fosters has FLUTD, so I'd had been feeding a food that is good for her. Hopefully this gastro diet won't flare her bladder troubles!

Thanks again...
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