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Why Can't I See PMs?

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I keep getting the message ~ Administrator has "Diable" Private Messages"? WHY???? I have a message I would very much like to read from Captiva.Did I do Something wrong? I can`t seem to bring up any of my messages now!!!![u]Someone please tell me whats going on. I thought this was a Friendly Site & I was very happy to find it. I am Diabled & this site was helping me keep my sprits up! But it seems Im being kept out of certain forums & my own messages? Please open message me or Email me at cindigoesindigo@netzero.net Soon Please? cinnamon (cindi)
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Cinnamon, see this thread-

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[u] Sorry,NOW I feel KIND Of SILLY!How Long have you had your cats? Their Beautiful! One More ? PLEASE, Why does`nt my choice of COLORS,FONT & Size come out for me? It`s on the page in writing but not no color,size or font? MY 2 Siamease bring me such joy. CATS RULE! Love,Peace & Happiness to You & Your Cats! Thanks again. Is there any way I can see my messages at all? cinnamon (cindi)
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Are you highlighting the whole phrase then choosing the font/color???
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The appropriate code has to enclose what you are typing.

And, no. Nobody has access to PMs at this time.
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