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Cutie Patootie Muffins

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These are some bottle babies I rescued 2 and 3 weeks ago.

From left to right.... Tania, Tianna, Tessa and Toby
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You are an angel for taking care of these sweet innocent babies.
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You have done a wonderful job with them, they look happy and healthy
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Great job!!! They are beautiful!!!
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aweeee they are adorable!
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Awww!, cuteness alert
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Awww! I want one! Soooo cute! Which one is it that keeps mugging for the camera? Tessa?
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Oh my goodness! That little black one, Toby, looks JUST like my Trent did as a baby!!! Well, I didn't meet Trent until he was 8 weeks old, but's uncanny!

This is my Trent at 8-9 weeks:

who looks just like Toby in this picture:

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ohh! They are so gorgeous!!! they are toooo gorgeous!
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Those very cute kitties.
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OH my they are all little darlings!
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Bless you for taking care of those angels...they are beyond precious .
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Wow Heidi, your Trent does look just like Toby!!!
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Oh my goodness, bless your heart for rescuing those little sweeties!!

They are all so adorable, how do you get anything done with those cuties running around?

I'm in love!
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Awwww, they're all so cute! This thread should come with a disclaimer: Warning cuteness inside. Do not enter if you are a sucker for kitten pictures. (Like me!)
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Ohhhhh...I LOVE these precious babies!!! They are darling.
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