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We lost CoalYard early this morning. He never did quite "take off" as his brother Guzzler did. We noticed last night his front ankles what would be our wrists were both swollen, I was going to take him to the vet this evening after work. Instead I took the body as a precaution to make sure Guzzler was not in any danger(the babies have not been around our other 2 cats). What he had has a long name but it is an infection that enters through the umbilical. Poor baby did not have a chance. Had he not been on Amoxil last week we would already have lost him. My daughter is heart broken but, our vet bless his heart made sure she understood she has done a wonderful job with my grand kids. Had Guzzler checked "again" and he is thriving.
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Oh, I am so sad to hear this. Condolences on the loss of CoalYard! Poor sweet baby, at least he knew love and warmth in your loving care! He is in good company over the Rainbow Bridge, and will forever be your tiny baby!
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I am sorry for your loss....May CoalYard RIP
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Rest in Peace CoalYard - Have fun at the Bridge!
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss
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Condolences to you & your daughter. You certainly gave CoalYard a fighting chance; but his name was called over the Bridge and now he is painfree & happy, waiting for that wonderful reunion, when he gets to come running up to greet you. I have very special friends over RB who will be there to meet him, as do many other TCSers. {{Prayers & vibes}} for Guzzler that he continue to thrive, and that the loss of his brother fades quickly.
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RIP CoalYard.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Coal Yard. It's just heartrending when they don't even have a fair shot at making it. There are so many things that can be going on inside these little orphans that we never know about.

I'm glad to hear you have such a warm compassionate vet. He went the extra mile, and that is a wonderful thing. I'm sure Guzzler will do what he can to soothe your hearts over this loss. That one sounds like quite the little fighter.

I just adore the names you've given your brood. You guys sound like great kitty parents. I look forward to seeing some pics one day soon. Thank you for your post on Minna's thread too. I'm sure she'll make some room on that angel's lap for C.B. Angels do have two hands for giving pettins, just like us.
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Poor Coalyard he is among great company now
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Bless his little heart He's at peace now and free from any suffering.

RIP Coalyard, play happily over the bridge baby
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Very sorry to hear of the loss of your little one

RIP CoalYard
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