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New Kitten...New Here!

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First of all i would like to thank you guys for letting me join. first time ever joining a forum about animals. Ok So my name is Katherine and i live in ottawa Canada. My parents just purchased a new kitten for me and i have never take care of a small animal before so im not sure what to expect. His name is Kal-El my father kind of named him after superman since he runs really fast and he can jump really high, oh and Kal-El is only 2 months old. He is believed to be an American Short haired, he is orange and white. and i have only had him for 2 days and i fell in love with him already. I just felt like sharing this information because im so happy. i cant wait to see what Kal-El has instore for me.

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Hi Katherine, and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Hi, I'm new too.I also have a Orange and white kitty........her name is Blaze.
Kittens are so much fun!!!
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Katherine Welcome to TCS were happy that you found us Hope to see some kitty pictures soon
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Hey there Katherine!, welcome from a fellow Canadian!
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Hi Katherine and welcome to you and your new kitty...we are glad you have joined us..
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CONGRATULATIONS on your new`ll LOVE being a furbaby mom!
Welcome here at TCS!
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Just joined TCS tonight and thought I'd introduce myself and my love. My name is Lindsey (Linz) and I'm 21 in Houston, TX and my kitty's name is Kitty (haha) and she's 14. I found my love when I was 7 years old, hence the name 'Kitty'. I've had a few questions about my cat's recent behavior so I guess I'll go under behavior to post my question. Well, just figured I'd somewhat introduce us. I wish I knew how to post a pic ... sorry
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Welcome, Katherine! How exciting to be a first-time mom to a little baby kitten!! Please give your baby Kal-El a kiss from me, I bet he is just adorable! It's so great that you already have this bond with your new kitty--I bet he's already fallen in love with you too! You're his mom from now on but I'm sure your parents will show you just exactly what you need to do to keep your new baby happy and healthy. You will have so much fun watching him grow from this tiny ball of fur into a big grown cat someday--but no matter what he will always be your baby! I would say to be sure to give him lots and lots of love but I know you are doing that already!! I have a girl cat (she's 9 years old now but she still thinks she's a kitten!), her name is Amber and she looks like your new baby--she too is a shorthair and is orange-and-white--wouldn't it be funny if our babies look alike!! (You know, Katherine, all cats are wonderful, but I have a feeling there's something really SPECIAL about orange and white tabbies!) I hope you have lots of fun here and I know you'll make lots of new friends. We are so glad you're here!!
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Hello to you, Linz, and welcome to the CatSite! Wow, sounds like you and Kitty really grew up together--that's great. I know you love her dearly. Please give your sweet Kitty a special snuggle from me--I don't know how to post pictures either *sigh* but I bet your Kitty is a beauty--and probably not a bit spoiled either! I think kitties were put on this earth to be spoiled--it's their birthright! Anyway, I'm so glad you're here--you'll find lots of really friendly people here--and we all love kitties!
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Hello everyone today was the second night with me and Kal-El and man all he wanted to do was play even while i was sleeping, he would come up to my face and see my eyelashes move and he would swat them wiht his paws. it hurt but i still love him. im going to be going to the vet next thursday to go for his second shot im a little nervous for him, i dont even know if i can handle seeing the nidle going into my poor baby. Thank you all for the warm welcome and i know i will enjoy posting here and listeneing to what all the advice i can. take care.

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YAY!!! Katherine has her first kitty! Congratulations!

We are glad you stopped by to say hello and introduce yourself. I wish I would have had this site when I had my first kitty. There are a lot of helpful people here
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!!

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Liz, welcome to The Cat Site. I hope you have much fun with your little kitten. There is much to be learned here and the folks are eager to share.
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at!

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