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Sewing machine parts?

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Does anyone here who sews know of a good place to get parts? I have a sewing machine i got last year for xmas..that one of the dogs has destroyed some of the parts. one of the bits to hold the bobbin in the under side is missing. can that replaced? or am i looking at a whole new machine? *hopes not this one has only been used once lol*
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Hmmm, I thought a lot of towns had a sewing machine repair shop. Of course I couldn't tell you where one is here, much less there...Oh, what about a quilt shop!!!
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thanks we are heading out to walmart tonight when steve gets home i am gonna check around there and ask the fabric and crafts gals there what they say. I really need to get the machine up and running again. I have a brillant idea..i do i do lol
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I had a part break in the bobbin area and I went to a sewing machine shop (e.g. a store that sells the machines) where they ordered the part for me. Walmart isn't going to carry parts.
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heh they actually had the part i needed at walmart..belive it or not lol
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Hooray! Glad you found what you needed!
When I broke a part the guy at the shop said it would be about $100.00 for the replacement part. We both agreed that that was an outrageous price for a small (but critical) piece of plastic.
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Look in your yellow pages for a sewing machine repair shop and call them. They can get what you need.
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OK...so you got the part....
Have you got it up and running again yet?
Is do...then what is the BRILLIANT IDEA that you have? (If I can ask!)
I LOVE new sewing ideas!!!!
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Me too!!

When I need spares for my machine, I go direct to the makers website - it can be a lot cheaper than going through a dealer!
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