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Both my little bundles of joy have fleas. I have given both of them flea baths and they are wearing flea collars. Also vacuuming the house every day, but we still have fleas. I am also being bit. I have allergies to any kind of insect bite, and I'm scratching as much as the cats. I have used Advantage on my parents cats and have had good luck with that. However Frontline is cheaper. Does anyone have any complaints with Frontline? Your imput would be helpful. Until then we'll keep on scratching Emily
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Get rid of the flea collars they are no good .Advantage is the best but frontline is good. shampooing rugs and vaccuming just creates a perfect hatching ground for fleas (moisture and the viberation) Just spray a good flea killer in baseboareds under stuff and wash what you can and wait to vacc for two weeks then repeat. In the mean while treat the the cats with frontline .I have treated with advantage on my dogs and cats and never had to treat the house.

Good luck
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You need to get prescription strength flea meds. The over the counter stuff is not as good, even the over the counter advantage/frontline, I don't know if your are using the prescription Advantage or the stuff from the pet store but you need the prescription version of those brands. I personally like Revolution. Buddy had a very bad case of fleas, and they were gone in 24 hours. Use a flea bomb or some other kind of treatment that will kill fleas in your rugs, but you will need to take out the cat, since the treatment for the rugs can be toxic. Get rid of the flea collars from the cat, they are dangerous for them and will do more harm than good. You can however, cut them up and put them in your vacuum so any fleas that get vacuumed will die. You have to treat your house, otherwise your cat will just keep getting reinfested. You can get Revolution from most vets, and you can also buy it online.
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