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Originally Posted by boys mum
i was 50 in july,and my lovely husband is 37
Another one with a 'toyboy' husband!!!! I'm 58, as I already said, and my husband is 45...

Penny V.
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I am the mid life crisis in my relationship. Me: 38 Him: 53 we married when I was 29 and he 44.
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I'm 28 but someone recently told me I look 23. Maybe that's why I still get carded?
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I'm 33, DH is 32! He calls me "Grandma" (we joke a lot)! Oh bother! I didn't like turning 30 so much, but after I got used to it, I realized my 30s are SOOOOO much better than my 20s, and it's only getting better! (Took me longer than some to "be comfortable in my own skin" - whoa, what an overused cliche - but it works here!) Love my age, love it, love it!!
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I am the youngest here i think, and one of the guys. I am 13, 14 in december. Any other early teens here?
I think the closest is Sam, at 15.
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We have Jenny, Cassie, Victor and that's all that springs to mind now Joe.
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Sam seems so mature for 15 that I wonder if she actually is.

That's when I get concerned when a new "guy" who hasn't been a member long, and we don't "know", knows all the stats on younger members.

Sam, I know you're one smart cookie, but I worry about you.
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I'm 37!
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This is my last day as 22
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