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how you feeling today?
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Thanks for asking, Colby. Not any better unfortunately. I guess I'll be going back to the doctor today for a steroid shot. How long should it take for this stupid thing to get better?

Good news is that I've actually lost a pound since I got sick since I don't feel like eating much.
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Ugh. I hate being sick, I can't even imagine having to deal with 2 little ones as well. Hope the steriod shot helps.
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I really hope you get better soon. I have found that people have been really hard hit by illness this year. Hopefully the shot will help.
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Dawn, did you go get the shot today. Feeling any better?
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I did get the shot, and the doctor said my ear looks better. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel any better. It's still all congested feeling, like it's got water in it. I'm starting to wonder if its damaged from the ear infection and maybe will take longer to feel normal. The pain is almost gone, but I just can't stand the feeling of it being full of fluid.

I feel like I'm whining about it all the time, but boy it sucks being sick. I'm usually very healthy. I really feel for all the kids who get these things over and over again.
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Dawn... wow, i've had that same problem before and it's horrible, i've had to have my ears
literally flushed out with this medical device flusher thing... *yuck*

i'm not sure if it's the same problem, but i relate to the ugly feeling of fluids in your ears...

hope you feel better real soon..
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Just wondering if your ear is any better, since a couple more days have gone by...I hope so!!!
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Thanks for asking, Debby! The pain is pretty much gone, which is good. But there's still a bunch of fluid in there, which makes talking and hearing somewhat strange. I read on the Internet that it may take weeks and sometimes up to 2 months for the fluid to go away. So I'm just assuming that I'll have to be like this for a while. It'll be a bummer not being able to sing tomorrow in church, that's my favorite part of the service. Oh well, at least the pain is gone. You guys are all so nice to be concerned. Thanks!
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I'm glad the pain is gone! That is great!!
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Dawn, last year I also had an ear infection w/ fluid behind my ear drum. And just like you said, the pain went away but that muffle sound didn't . It took several weeks to go back to normal, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for you!!!
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Daniela - That's great to hear that it eventually goes away. I'm just going to have to be patient. (that's hard for me )
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Hey Dawn

are you feeling any better? I sure hope so, it's been long enough!!
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Well, I have to say, I'm feeling better. The pain is gone, my sinus infection is gone. All I have left is that "muffle" feeling, like dtolle described. And since that may take a while to go away, I'm getting used to it and generally, I'm feeling pretty decent.

And my hubby told me this morning that he can tell I've been losing weight and that I look good! Made my day!
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Whoo-hooo! that is awesome that your husband is able to notice that you have lost weight! Good for you! It takes such willpower to stick with it.
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That's great to hear that your hubby noticed!!! That would have made my day too!! Good going, Dawn!!!!!
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