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My new edition!!!

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I would like everyone to meet our new edition, Lily!
I got her from my neighbor who said some lady was going to just dump them somewhere or take them to the pound because she couldnt feed them anymore. There were only 3 sisters left and I immediatly took to this one and the other neighbors have adopted the other 2. She is the sweetest little thing. She nuzzled into my neck and went to sleep. I believe she is about 7 weeks old. Tiger doesn't seem to mind her either. She's a little cuddly bunny!
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Awwwwww! How lucky she is!
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Oh she's gorgeous!.

I'll move this to Fur pictures
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lol Thank you rosie, I got so excited I didnt see where I posted it
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It's not suprising with a gorgeous little cup cake like that!
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I don't blame you for being excited. She's precious!
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Yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lily is a doll!
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She is really precious! I'm so happy they all got homes. Kinda wanna belt the lady who said she'd dump them somewhere though. People make me sick sometimes.

Kudos to you and the other kind neighbors who made room in their homes/lives for these babies!
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I am so glad that sweet Lily & her litter mates have loving homes. She is adorable.
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What a cute baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She seems to be fitting in just fine! Tiger and her are best buds. Last night she was trying to nurse on him and he let her! She curls up on my chest and sleeps there every night. I had to take my earrings out last night because she was sucking on my ear and purring. I didnt mind at first but after a while it started to hurt lol. She has so much energy and plays with everything she can get ahold of, but when it's time to wind down, she's the most cuddly lil baby!
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Awww!, bless Tiger's heart for accepting your new little one so quickly!!, she is adorable
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Thats great that you took her in. Shes so adorable.
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