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My cat hisses at me for no reason

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My cat "sammy" was never very friendly. I was disapointed but cats, like people have there own personalities. Lately It's gotten worse she hisses at me for no reason I don't even know that she is home. (minus the fact that she is an indoor cat) tried talking to my vet says he has no idea cause she is so young (just over a year) Can young cats go crazy? can i help her at all? PS when i do pick her (while she is hissing) she will purr after i pet her rub under her chin. werid huh any thoughs would be helpful
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mabel started hissing at me when her mouth started hurting her. it was her sign to leave her alone.

she also would start purring once held and petted...especially her mouth and gum area. i guess it was sort of like rubbing an area that you bumped....it eased the pain. she would go so far as to rub her mouth against my knuckle so hard that i could count her teeth!

i'm not saying she's in pain...i'm just offering the possibility that you might want to have her checked. any change in personality is cause for a vet visit.

good luck to you!
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Any chance you're wearing perfume, shampoo, etc. she doesn't like? What smells good to us may not be the same to a cat.
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Possibly something about your body language is being interpreted as aggressive or confrontational by your cat. There's a good article mentioned in this thread:

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Funny, I just read an article about how pets have a very profound connection with the limbic brain of their humans. That's the reptilian brain where fundamental emotions live, like fear, anger/rage, euphoria, etc. Is there something bothering you that might be making you angry? Many pets feel threatened when they can tell that their humans are angry, under chronic emotional stress, even if you're blissfully unaware. These little guys can be a great resource for us
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