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Some prayers for this puppy

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I was meeting a friend at Party station to get my costume today and I saw a little chihuahua running across Rt 42, which is a VERY busy street. He ran to the gas station then apparently ran back across. When Crystal got out of her car I trold her to come help me catch it as it ran past us. So we walked a few blocks and it ran through some bushes and disappeared.....

Can I ask for some good vibes that this poor puppy got caught by someone and not hit by cars? He had a collar on so he must have belonged to someone and they are dearly missing him.....

I tried my best to catch him but I feel I failed and am sooo worried about him.

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Oh no Puppy vibes!!!!{{{{}}}}
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At least you tried to help the puppy, which is more than most people would do! I'll be praying for the little one's safety.
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{{{Prayers & vibes for protection}}} coming your way! Fortunately, little dogs are very popular and I'm sure that many people will look out for him., but, like you, I'm worried that he's panicked and unlikely to let strangers approach, poor little guy...
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Sending 'be safe' vibes for the little one.
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Sending vibes, also. The poor thing must have been frantic.
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Poor little sweetheart! Sending "stay safe" vibes.
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Lots of safety vibes to the little guy.
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Oh no Courtney...
the good vibes are on the way....
thanks for share Courtney...
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More safe puppy <<<<VIBES>>>> sent..I hope the puppy is safe and warm tonight.
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